29 APRIL 2009

Over the past few years Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have happily set up home in New Orleans, the bustling seaside resort of Swakopmund in Nambia and the French countryside in Brignoles. Now the globe-trotting couple, who seem to be able to adapt effortlessly to each new environement, have taken to life in the suburbs. Residents of the Long Island commuter town of Oyster Bay report that the couple, who are based in the community while Angelina completes her latest movie Salt, have settled in just fine.

The 33-year-old actress and her partner - who are renting an expansive house overlooking the town's bay - have been spotted picking up donuts for breakfast in town and doing their own shopping at the local grocery store.

Shop manager Katherine Pastore spotted the couple and their daughters Zahara, four, and Shiloh, two, immediately. They stood out, she says, "because they were so beautiful".

The Tinseltown stars apparently acted like regular customers, strolling the aisles, each pushing a daughter in a shopping trolley. Items on their shopping list included pre-sliced watermelon, nuts, tuna, and toys.

"They were very attentive with their kids," adds Katherine. "Brad was rubbing Zahara's back and Angelina was comforting Shiloh when she got a little upset. It was sweet."

Another local says everyone who has interacted with the famous family has described them as friendly. "The reaction across the board seems to be, 'Wow, they're very nice people'. It seems that people like them and like having them here," he reveals.

Photo: Rex
The Hollywood power couple have settled into the Long Island town while Angelina completes work on action thriller Salt. They're been praised as "nice people" by residents, who've spotted them picking up donuts and shopping at the local grocery store
Oyster Bay is a postcard-pretty New York city commuter town surrounded by long stretches of sandy beach and picturesque woodland
Having settled into the shoreline community the Hollywood duo have impressed locals with their friendliness