Exclusive interview with Jess Patterson, third eliminated model on BINTM


Elle Macpherson, Dannii Minogue and Tyson Beckford have let another budding model go, making Jess Patterson the third to be eliminated in this year's Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model competition.

Chatting to HELLO! Online, Jess, the self-proclaimed girl "with a fluffy head", reveals who she wants to win, how she coped with the judges' criticism and how she survived her nightmare photoshoot.




What were the dynamics in the house like?
"The house was pretty good. I've seen other cycles where things get a little crazy. We all had our own pressures and we were always on the go so there were a few "moments", but it wasn't as bad as I expected. The house was amazing and I keep in touch with Emma and Sarah a lot."

Who do you think will win?
I'm close to Emma, Sarah, Sophie and Lauren — we all got on well. I really hope they go far in the competition. I think some of the girls are definitely very strong, like Lauren's been on top of her game and Emma's been doing really well despite not having too much confidence, which she really needs because she's amazing. I think those two have been very strong from the beginning."

Who do you think will be eliminated next?
"It's a tough one but I think maybe Saffron or Abi because they were in trouble before."

Was it hard hearing Dannii and Elle's criticisms?
"Sometimes because I'm quite stubborn, so they'd be saying one thing and I'd be thinking I need to work on this first though, or I only have so much time on the photoshoots. They were quite different in their approaches. Elle knows exactly what she's talking about. She's been there and done it and just wants to bring out the best in you. Dannii is coming more from a designer's point of view, so she knows what she wants from her models. I thought they were going to be quite intimidating but they were so sweet and they want to make you feel comfortable."

How did you cope with your nightmare bridal shoot?
"I was completely thrown. Here in Ireland I'd done a bridal shoot before but it was just terrible. I'm not a bridal person at all. I'm realy awkward and look like a 19 year old with a big fluffy head. I prefer the really whacky photoshoots that you wouldn't always get the chance to do, like going underwater, because anyone can do a bridal shoot. My dream set would be up a tree or something like that, things with movement and fun."



Did you mind having the cameras following you round all the time?
"It was actually quite funny, making jokes and learning the slang. After a while you don't even notice the cameras anymore until you almost get smacked in the head. They're huge cameras and we were always rushing around so we almost ran into them. It all gets a bit hectic."

Do you think the show portrayed you as you really are?
"I think so. There was no altering or putting me in a different light. I'm just there in the background getting on with everything really. They don't edit it around to make people look different."

How do you feel now that you've left the show?
"I'm thinking of everything that I could have done to try and stay in, but I'm happy I got the chance to part of it because I didn’t expect to make it that far anyway. It gave me an insight into what modelling's like and I really like it and just want to go back and do more. I might be going over to London to see what the response is like. If it's positive I'll have another go but I need to finish college first."

When did you decide to go into modelling?
"I really got into modelling when I was 16. I had a little bit of experience but I was juggling that with school so it was very much part time. I did a couple of different things but it definitely didn’t prepare me for what it was like on BINTM."

Why did you decide to go on the show?
"A couple of people had mentioned the show to me, so I thought I may as well go and see what it's like. I'd been a bit on and off with modelling and was focusing on college so I thought to myself, 'Will I stop? Is it worth pursuing?' but I just went along and got much further than I thought I would, so it definitely gave me a boost in confidence. It was an amazing experience."

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