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'This is what we're really like': Harry Styles talks new One Direction film

'This is what we're really like': Harry Styles talks new One Direction film

It's the moment that One Direction fans have been waiting for. Their first film This Is Us hits cinemas on Tuesday and the five bandmates will be on the red carpet on Leicester Square to introduce their movie to the world.A crowd of up to 10,000 superfans, who call themselves 'Directioners', are expected to gather to catch a glimpse of the popstars.Ahead of the much-anticipated release of the film, HELLO! went to a Q&A session at a top secret London location to find out what the boys had to say about the documentary. 

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Harry Styles

thinks it'll give a true insight into what he and bandmates

Niall Horan

, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik are really like."I think it's a way for us to get across what we're like and what we're like with each other," he said.Meanwhile Liam took the opportunity to praise their famously devoted fans. "We all think our fans are amazing. The dedication they show is second to none and we think they're the best fans in the world.

Read the full interview here...Tell us about filming in 3D

Director Morgan Spurlock: "It was so worth the effort. We had an amazing DP [director-producer] on this movie, Tom Krueger... I think he completely outdid himself in this movie this is some of the best concert 3D I've ever seen in my life."

What was it like working on your first film? Who would play you in the film of your life?

Liam - It was weird making the film, because in a way it was really strange to have cameras follow us around, but at the same time it didn't make that much more difference, because it was just following us - there wasn't stuff like big set ups. So it was kind of learning to just get on with the day.[Moderator - "Lady in the blue frock there..." Niall sings

Lady in Blue


I was wondering why did you choose to go fishing in Norway? And to Harry, you also experienced how Norwegians celebrate Russ [a pre-graduation student party] can you tell us a little bit about your experience?

Harry - That was sick. The fishing was...Liam - The fishing was really good. It was a restaurant in the middle of the sea, so that's why we did that. The party thing, that was wicked. [the boys laugh] You know what it's like, some people like to let their hair down.

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This film takes us all over the world as you tour. Are there differences in your fans in each country?

Zayn - Back to our fans around the world, I guess we're so lucky because our fans are universal, even like in their craziness. And I guess they're all similar, even though they're from different parts of the world.Morgan - I guess it's so incredible because everywhere you go... you quickly realise that this isn't just an American phenomenon. Everywhere you go you get chased by hordes of fans, even in Mexico City there were 5000 people camping outside their hotel. This is such a massive global phenomenon and it's only growing. It was incredible to see.

I can see in the film that Simon Cowell is still a massive mentoring figure in your lives. He did recently let slip though that Niall might be his favourite member, can we have you reaction to that distressing news, please?

Louis - there was obviously a lot of jealousy... [laughter]

How will your film compare to others like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry... Is yours the best?

Harry - It's kind of hard to say, because when you're making a film (obviously I'm not an expert on making a film) but we just wanted to show what we're about and you know on social media and stuff there's only so much you can get across in terms of your personality and... on social media and ten minutes interviews that you do with people. So I think it's a way for us to get across what we're like, and what we're like with each other, for the fans to see. I think that's the kind of stuff that they want to see, the behind the scenes stuff, so you know we just wanted to make a lot about that.Morgan: I think this film feels a lot more intimate than those films did and I think that the level of access and connection that you get with them [1D] and their families is beyond those films. And those films only had one singer but this film has five, so it's five times better! [laughter]Liam - Smash it, Morgan!

What can you say to us that will make our boyfriends want to come and watch the 1D film?

Niall - Come and watch us!Morgan - If he really loves you, he'll go with you no matter what! No, here's what you say to him, you say: "I'm a fan of the band, so obviously this film will cater to me as a fan, but these boys are so charming and fantastic that I challenge you to go to this movie and not like them after the film is done."Niall: And also tell him that we play loads of football in the movie!Morgan - I think they do come off so natural. The reason they've been so successful with their fans is that they are so grounded and normal and that's what comes off in the movie. There's no air of superiority or success, you just see five guys who are the same five guys they were three years ago. And that normalcy is what has kept them where they are.

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Did you delete a lot of rock and roll moments from the film?

Harry - This is a family press conference! [laughter]Louis - We like to think we're rock and roll but we're not really.

I assume there are lots of extra moments from filming, does this mean there'll be This Is Us 2 or another One Direction film?

Liam - It was so nerve wracking making the film and I was just thinking that the day we see it at the premiere and fans see it on the big screen it's just going to be amazing. We'll see how this one goes, see if people like it, and then maybe we'll do another one.Harry - Maybe we could repackage the out-takes and make a DVD.Niall - For Christmas! For Christmas!Harry - There's your perfect Christmas present to give out to people.Morgan - Nothing says 'I love you, Dad' like a

1D: This is Us


Were there any scenes that made you think, we can't put this in the movie our mothers will kill us? Were you involved in the editing?

Liam - It was less about seeing stuff that we didn't like and saying, 'oh we can't put that in', and more kind of, pulling stuff that we remembered doing and really wanted. We didn't realise how hard it would be to get that cut, and lose things that we wanted to see.Harry - It's like we've got five people's personalities to get across Zayn - I think as well, we really wanted to get the fans across as well, and there's a lot of footage in there. What's nice is that a lot of fans are going to see themselves in the edit.

One of the most moving moments in when you, Zayn, took your mum to see the new house you'd bought for her. Was that difficult to see in the movie?

Zayn - What you see in the film is actually the first time I'd ever spoken to my mum about it, and the first time she'd ever seen the house, so it was quite strange, but it was good and it's an amazing thing for me because I can look back and see that. In ten, fifteen years times I've got amazing footage of my mum seeing her house for the first time.

Do you look forward to your time off or having time apart?

Liam - Well, it's always funny because when we come back into a room the loudest person is always Louis, he's always got some story to tell. The first thing I woke up to this morning was "Oi, Oi!". No, we definitely spend a lot of time together.Niall - We don't get much time off so we do always look forward to going home. But we do actually spend a lot of time together in our time off as well so.Louis - But you're always looking forward to coming back, to be fair. Well, I've always got a story to tell anyway, obviously! [laughter]

You talk about firing Zayn in the movie... what would the band be like without him?

Louis - Wait, you want us to take Zayn out of the band? [the others look confused, Morgan explains a scene in the film where the boys were jokingly talking about kicking him out]Louis - Yeah, you were going to sack him, remember?Liam – No, literally when we first got together it was all a bit strange trying to get everyone together for rehearsals, and still to this day it's a struggle to get Zayn out of bed so... [Harry laughs loudly]

How do you deal with the more obsessive fans? We saw the Channel 4 documentary...

Liam - To be honest, that's partly why we wanted to make this film I think. We all think our fans are amazing. The dedication they show is second to none and we think they're the best fans in the world.Liam - We like some of the craziness, but watching it back in the film in places like Amsterdam... that was a really weird day for me, because we had to escape from a hundred girlsLouis - That's what's great about the movie, in some ways, because so much is happening to us we can kind of just lose it all and so it's great just to sit back and watch it back and relive those moments.

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