Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews felt 'trapped' by Stephanie Pratt

Spencer Matthews and Stephanie Pratt broke up in Monday night's episode of Made in Chelsea, after the self-confessed lothario said he felt "trapped" by the former Hills star.

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The pair, who had been living together in Spencer's SW3 apartment, were filmed meeting up for a drink before Stephanie jetted back to her home in Los Angeles.


Stephanie, at this point, had just discovered that Spencer had cheated on her, after being informed by none other than Spencer's ex-girlfriend Lucy Watson.

"You guys weren't exclusive right?" asked Lucy.

"Yes we were," replied Stephanie.

"He's cheated on you," said Lucy bluntly, adding that for every night Spencer didn't make it home, he was probably with another girl.

"You know for a fact?" said Stephanie. "I've got his keys. He's coming here later. You did me a really big favour."


When Spencer arrived, he was confronted by a livid Stephanie.

"I cannot believe you're the person you are," said the blonde beauty. "Why couldn't you wait to hook up until after I left? I didn't know you could be so disrespectful."

"What, as disrespectful as moving in with someone?" replied Spencer, who added that he felt "claustrophobic" at their live-in relationship, and that their romance would never have lasted given the distance.

When Stephanie defended herself saying she had offered to stay in a hotel, Spencer replied that he didn't want to "incur her any costs".

"Such a massive lying a******," said Stephanie before walking out." You're such a d***. So dumb."


Spencer announced their split in September, months before the episode aired, and it looks as if the Chelsea hunk has moved on and is eyeing up his co-star ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson.

"You should never ever be in a relationship again," said Louise, when she finds out about Spencer's infidelity to Stephanie.

"What? Of course I'll be in another relationship in like a month," said Spencer.

In the preview for next week's episode, the Eton-educated star is seen wreaking havoc, telling Louise's ex-boyfriend Andy Jordan that she cheated on him.

"She did sleep with that guy," said Spencer, before telling Louise that his cheating habits did "rub off on her a little bit."