Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing: 'All I want is for Lucy Watson to love me'
Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing seemed to be more in love than ever with his co-star Lucy Watson, as the blonde biscuit king revealed on Monday night's episode.

Jamie, who last week confessed his love to Lucy but was immediately shot down, didn't let the pretty brunette's rejection stand in his way.

"All I want is for Lucy Watson to love me," Jamie told his co-star friends Oliver Proudlock and Francis Boulle. "I played the whole thing completely wrong with her. I followed her like a puppy."


Lucy Watson and Jamie Laing

Lucy, who briefly dated Jamie after she broke up with Spencer Matthews, admitted that her friendship with Jamie had reached an "awkward" stage.

A drunken text she sent to Jamie only made matters worse, with Jamie reading into the message too much.

"I love you so much... You're so important to me... x x," it said, with Lucy later insisting she loved him "as a friend".

The text only served to spur Jamie on, with the usually excitable cast member showing up at Lucy's doorstep the following morning. The love sick star had asked to use her washing machine, pretending that his was broken, and is filmed sitting in Lucy's living room in just his boxers. Lucy, by this point, had left the house, not being able to face her suitor.


Stevie Johnson and Jamie

"This isn't about laundry, is it?" asked Lucy's housemate Stevie Johnson. "This is a new low."

"I know I'm more than friends with her but she won't admit it," insisted Jamie. "If she was on a date and I said 'Cancel it, come out with me,' she would."

Elsewhere in Chelsea, Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton's blossoming relationship seemed to have hit a rocky patch.

When asked by Jamie if he was in love with Binky, Alex replied, "With me it takes a while and I think after my first love it's been a bit hard. I've never really sunk back into it."


Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton

Alex was referring to Phoebe Lettice Thompson who also stars on the show, and felt he needed to set the record straight with Binky over dinner and insisted that he wasn't going to get back with Phoebe.

"What I meant is that I haven't fallen in love since Phoebe," said Alex. "The circumstances haven't been right."

Binky looked close to tears as she told Alex she didn't like him discussing their relationship with outside people, including Phoebe.