Joe McElderry on winning three talent shows and a second UK tour

Joe McElderry is still recovering from being crowned champion on Channel 4’s The Jump but that’s not stopping the 2009 X Factor winner from going out on a 60-date UK tour. “This is the second solo tour I’ve done. I absolutely love it”, Joe told HELLO! Online.

He added: “I love the hustle and bustle of it all, being in venues, being with the band and crew and being around people all the time. “I love the atmosphere it brings.”

The winner of three reality shows – The Jump, Pop Star to Opera Star, and The X Factor – Joe wasn’t originally meant to star in the controversial and dangerous reality show The Jump, revealing, “I was in Austria on a skiing holiday and they needed a skier who could catch up the training in a day, so I got asked to do it. And I’m one of these people who will jump at an opportunity like that as I don’t mind the last-minute fun element.”

Joe McElderry (copyright: Michael Walker)

And Joe didn’t even consider the danger of the show until he got there.

“When I realised what I was doing I thought ‘uh oh, what if I break a bone or break my neck before the tour?’, and everyone would be really annoyed and ‘was I insured?’ “But it was such an amazing experience.”

Joe positivity and optimistic attitude shines through, and he has some strong words for fellow X Factor winner James Arthur who recently called the past male winner ‘unbelievable’.

“He should spend less time worrying about past winners and more about his own career,” confided Joe. “I don’t worry about his so he shouldn’t worry about mine.” “Just enjoy what you do, have fun and be happy with yourself instead of commenting on everyone else, it’s negative and a waste of time,” he suggests.

The 22-year-old adds: “Be positive and support – it’s a big music industry, plenty of space for everyone and everybody should support everyone.”

After winning 2009’s The X Factor, but losing the Christmas number spot to Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name thanks to an internet campaign, Joe turned his hand to another reality show, Pop Star to Opera Star which he also won. With three reality show wins under his belt, he’s a good position to discuss what makes for a strong reality show.

joe mcelderry cheryl cole

“People like to see the people they watch on TV out of their comfort zones,” says Joe “When they’re seeing things that you can see are difficult, I think people take their hats off to that so that’s why people enjoyed The Jump because were doing things that were really dangerous.”

Between 2010 and 2012 Joe released four albums and he says he doesn’t want to rush the long-awaited fifth album. “I want to take my time and not do it for the sake of it,” confides Joe, before adding: “I try with every album to show progression or a different style. I’d like to do a full classical album or full pop.”

As well as musical progress, Joe is eager to try his hand at everything. “A musical film, that’s the dream,” laughs Joe. “Although I’d have to scrub up on acting skills!” He adds that the perfect musical for him would be a new version of Grease.

“A brand new storyline with brand new music but a Grease of my generation. We haven’t had one of those, that kind of film. So if anyone knows anyone who can write that sent it my way!”

Watch Joe on The Jump below: 

He admits that going on tour with a musical would be a great bond but there may not be time in his schedule. “You’re contracted mostly for 6 months to a year… but absolutely, if the right show came along at the right time.”

Joe returned to The X Factor in 2012 to mentor Nicholas McDonald for the tenth anniversary episode, and he confirms that he’d love to be a judge. “I’ve done a few things, I mentored Nicholas, and a couple of other shows where I’ve been guest mentor or judge and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Joe, who was mentored by Cheryl Cole, would love to be able to give back: “I feel like I’ve learnt a lot in such a short space of time so if I was ever in a position where I can mentor someone, then I’d be more than happy to do so, because sometimes when you come into an industry like that it’s great to have somebody you can draw from for advice.”

And he still speaks to his 2009 fellow finalists Olly Murs and Stacy Solomon when possible. “I haven’t seen them in a while because we’re so busy but we all have each other’s numbers and wish each other well when people are doing their own projects.”
He thinks back to James Arthur’s comments, and adds: “we really genuinely got on, and I’ve never felt that need to slag anybody off, it’s not something I want to do.”