Cody Walker honours late brother Paul with giant mosaic

Cody Walker has unveiled a giant mosaic plaque made in honour of his late brother Paul. The Hollywood actor passed away in a tragic accident in November 2013 and hadn't quite finished filming all of his scenes for Fast & Furious 7.

Cody, as well as his other sibling Caleb, were asked to step in for the late star and act as Paul's double in some shots.

Almost a year-and-a-half on after the crash, Cody has been promoting the latest action film in the car racing franchise, released at the beginning of April.


Cody Walker unveiled the giant mosaic of his late older brother Paul

Cody travelled to Australia, where one entertainment complex in Melbourne, United Cinemas, has found a particularly fitting way to remember Paul.

Stuntman Cody revealed a mosaic erected in memory of his older brother. The poignant piece of art, which is proudly handing on the cinema's wall, reflects a beautiful picture of Paul smiling.

Cody was also Down Under to kick off the Paul Walker Car Convoy Charity Drive, which was hoping to raise money for the actor's charitable foundation Reach Out WorldWide. Paul set up the charity, which provides relief to locals after natural disasters strike, following the 2010 Haiti earthquakes.

Cody Walker stood in for his sibling in the new Fast & Furious 7 movie

Cody himself started volunteering for the disaster relief organisation in January 2014, two months after his brother passed away. He decided to join in honour of his sibling, but to also utilise his skills as a licensed paramedic.

At the time Cody said: "First and foremost, my family and I truly appreciate the support we have received during this difficult time. One of the things I always admired about my brother was his genuine desire to help others in need. I am honoured to join the ROWW team in fulfilling my brother's legacy and make sure his spirit and mission lives on."

Cody and his brother Caleb stepped in for the late actor and can be seen in certain shots in Fast & Furious 7, on top of the CGI already used to complete the movie.