Daniel Craig and James Bond co-stars reveal behind-the-scenes stories from the set

Daniel Craig has revealed it is not always easy to play Britain’s number one spy James Bond. Whist talking to chat show host Graham Norton the actor revealed he has undergone several surgeries after sustaining injuries on the James Bond set.

"I hurt myself every day," said the actor. "Yes [I’ve had many injuries] I’ve had my right shoulder reconstructed, I’ve had this left knee operated on and I've had this right knee operated on."

Daniel Craig revealed he has sustained many injuries on the set of James Bond

The 47-year-old was joined by his Spectre co-stars Naomie Harris and Christopher Waltz to discuss the film, which is scheduled to be released on October 26.

Talking about her stunts in the film Naomie Harris recounts a story of how a stunt nearly went wrong when an extra didn’t move out of the way of a moving car.

"I had to drive into a crowd of people and everybody had to part like the sea for the car, as you would do for a moving vehicle coming in your direction. But one extra just dove in front of the car, and I almost ran him over. Which was absolutely terrifying. But no I didn’t hit him because I have very good reflexes."

The latest Bond film Spectre is set for release on October 26

Discussing the perks that come with playing one of the most recognizable film characters in the world Daniel said: "I get treated very, very well. I have to kind of keep my feet on the ground otherwise it would really go to my head. More than it’s gone to my head already," he joked.

Responding to comments that being in the film would change her life Naomie giggled as she said that despite the hype around the movie she never gets noticed. "It hasn't really [affected my life]. I can go on the tubes, the buses, sit under a massive poster of myself and no one would recognise me at all." She said laughing, "It is a little bit disappointing!"