Orange is the New Black: First look at season four

Orange is the New Black fans; the wait is almost over! The hit Netflix original series returns for its fourth season on 17 June, that's less than 100 days, and now we have the first sneak peek at the new episodes.

In case you're in need of a little refresher, season three ended with all of the inmates happily frolicking in a lake on the outskirts of Litchfield penitentiary after escaping through a gap in the fence.

The Orange is the New Black inmates escaped to the lake at the end of season three

But, while they were splashing around, the women were blissfully unaware of bunkbeds being installed in the dorms and queues of new inmates in orange jumpsuits waiting to be signed in.

Of course they weren't the only changes. Piper Chapman, played Taylor Schilling, started channelling the Godfather as she launched her underwear business, Officer Sam Healy, played by Michael J. Harney, so obviously began having feelings for Red and Joe Caputo, played by Nick Sandow, made his way up the corporate ladder, much to the disgust of his staff, who went on strike.

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And poor Sophia Burset, portrayed by Laverne Cox, was thrown into the SHU, under false concerns over her own safety when she threatens to sue the prison. As the spoiler pictures show, it doesn't look like Sophia will be getting justice anytime soon.

But it's not just the beauty salon owner who is having a tough time in season four. Piper finds herself on the wrong side of Blanca Flores and the inmates suddenly find their dormitories are A LOT more crowded.

Elsewhere, it looks like Alex Vause, played Laura Prepon, manages to escape Kubra's enforcer who was sent to kill her at the end of season three. Although the pictures show her out of the greenhouse, it's clear something is not right.

As if all of that wasn't enough to deal with for now, it looks like Red and Gloria Mendoza are running the kitchen together, after previously feuding over it. But something tells us it may not be a harmonious partnership…