Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders reported to be replacing Mel and Sue on Great British Bake Off

Emmy Griffiths

Could Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders be taking over from Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins on the Great British Bake Off?

It has been reported that the comedy duo could be taking over the legendary presenting pair for the show's move from the BBC to Channel 4.



Are Dawn and Jennifer taking over as presenters?

According to The Sun, the pair are on the top of the list of Channel 4 bosses, with a source saying: "The pressure is now on to sign up the best team possible for the show when it makes its debut on Channel 4.

"The bosses want a real baking legend to replace Mary and Delia is topping the list there, as her cookery books are an absolute kitchen staple. She would be a really credible choice. And Dawn and Jennifer would be a dynamite signing. Not only are they absolutely hilarious, but they have wonderful chemistry, which is what viewers really loved about Mel and Sue."

A spokesperson for Channel 4 has revealed that they have yet to approach anyone about the presenting roles, saying: "We are taking our time to find the right presenters and judges for Bake Off. We have not approached anyone about the roles."

Mel and Sue announced that they would remain with the BBC after it was announced that the show would move to the new channel.


Mel, Sue and Mary have announced they will leave the show

"We've had the most amazing time on Bake Off, and have loved seeing it rise and rise like a pair of yeasted Latvian baps," the pair said in a joint statement.

"We're not going with the dough. We wish all the future bakers every success."

Viewers expressed their disappointment that the pair would be leaving along with Mary Berry, and even Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick opened up about news on The Graham Norton Show, saying: "It immediately turned Mel and Sue into folk heroes, and we're also proud of Mary for following suit, and then it's like, of course Paul stayed, with your bread and your goatee."