Fans react to first Game of Thrones season seven poster

Emmy Griffiths

Game of Thrones has sent fans into a frenzy with the first poster for season seven. The poster pays homage to the name of the book series 'A Song of Ice and Fire' and hints that the conclusion of the show with a shot of ice surrounded by flames. Although the poster doesn't feature any characters, fans of the hit fantasy show have already began to speculate about the upcoming season seven.

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One fan tweeted: "But excuse me while I scream over Game of Thrones S7 FINALLY getting somewhat closer! #GoTSeason7 #iceandfire," while another added: "Dany is fire, Jon is ice, and I am HYPE", referencing the implication that two of the main characters – Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) are symbolic of fire and ice respectively. Although details about the upcoming season have been kept tightly under wraps, cast members have already hinted about what fans can expect. Tweeting about her shock after reading the script, Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark in the show, wrote: "I'd start preparing yourselves now. Scratch that, nothing will prepare you for this." Sansa Stark actress Sophie Turner told Vulture: "[Sansa] definitely is a lot more powerful, and it'll be very interesting to see how she handles that coming up this season."

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Game of Thrones season seven will air this year

Although HBO have yet to release an official release date, Davos actor Liam Cunningham has suggested that the show will air in July, around three months later than its previous six seasons. He told The Independent: "I've been disappointing various people around the world because it was meant to come out in April. It's July now, I think. There's going to be a launch and something special happening this year for the premiere. The bad news is, there will only be seven episodes and the final season starts again as far as I know in September."

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