James Corden talks Gavin and Stacey reunion – find out what he had to say!

James Corden opened up about the hit sitcom while on Capital Breakfast

James Corden took a trip in a black cab with Capital Breakfast radio presenter Roman Kemp on Friday morning, where the pair discussed the possibility of bringing back James' hugely popular sitcom, Gavin and Stacey. Speaking about the show, in which James played his famous character Smithy, the Late Late Show chat show host said: "I got sort of reminded of it. The other day it was the tenth anniversary, ten years since the show went out, which I found myself oddly, I got quite emotional about it actually. I don't know why."

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Talking about the possibility of a reunion, he added: "I don't know, actually, is the truth. I don't know. Ruth and I, we talk about it, not in a way of 'Oh shall we do it?', we talk more about the characters and I wonder what they're doing now. I think if did, we'd try and do it secretly, without any sort of announcement, and just see if we can find a story, or if there's even time. I mean, she's so busy and obviously I live over there. So, who knows. But right now, I wouldn't imagine so."

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James and Roman took a taxi trip around London

The Into the Woods actor also opened up about the success of the Carpool Karaoke segment on his chat show. Speaking about getting Bruno Mars to do the segment, he said: "It makes our day. Cause when you spoke to Bruno… Bruno was someone I had always wanted to do [Carpool Karaoke with]. He's like born for it, and he was sort of on the fence, and then we saw him on your show saying he was going to do it and we were like yes! And we actually sent that clip to his publicist and was like, 'Look! He said he's doing it!'"

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