Michelle Keegan larks around with co-star on set of Our Girl

The actress, 30, has been filming in South Africa while her husband Mark Wright holidays in LA

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She has the gruelling task of playing an army officer in BBC drama Our Girl, but when the cameras stop rolling, it's all fun and games for Michelle Keegan. The 30-year-old actress has shared a couple of posts on Instagram Stories, showing herself and her co-star larking around on set. Michelle managed to look the picture of beauty even dressed in her army gear, as she stuck out her tongue and posed for a selfie with her fellow actor. A second clip showed Michelle lying on the floor as a make-up artist touched up her face. "Diva!!!!!!!" she joked.

The actress, who plays Corporal Georgie Lane, has spent the past few months away from home as she films the third series of the BBC drama. Her husband Mark Wright has been out to visit her in South Africa, where she celebrated her 30th birthday at the beginning of June. Writing in her HELLO! Online blog, Michelle revealed: "I have had the odd day off here and there, and Mark came over to visit too, we enjoyed visiting vineyards, eating out and exploring Cape Town. I had a great 30th birthday out in South Africa, and I'm hoping to catch up with all my nearest and dearest when I am back soon. Basically, I am going to milk this 30th and make it last about 6 months ha!"


Michelle Keegan shared some behind-the-scenes snaps

She added: "I was filming on my actual birthday, but I had some beautiful flowers delivered to set, and got lots of balloons and cards too which was a fab surprise. Everyone who I am working with over here helped to make my birthday very special. Ben (Aldridge), Shalom (Brune-Franklin) and Harkie (actors on Our Girl), producer Tim, writer Tony and director Tim and our South African production manager Sam took me out to celebrate my birthday with dinner."


The actress having her make-up touched up

Michelle also spoke about her diet on set, admitting: "I am trying to maintain a relatively healthy eating plan but as we are working mostly 11/12 hour days and only get a 20/30 minute lunch break then I tend to eat on the go and its more for comfort and to fill me up! A typical day would consist of fruit for brekkie, nice salad for lunch and sandwiches or rice cakes with mashed up avocados and yes, some chocolate here and there. So long as I keep it varied and make sure I am having 5-6 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, then I'm not going to stress about some crisps or chocolate here and there."