WATCH: James Corden and Julia Roberts re-enact her film career – in under 10 minutes!

Julia Roberts returned to several of her most famous roles, including Hook, Notting Hill and My Best Friend's Wedding

Emmy Griffiths

James Corden and Julia Roberts have re-enacted the Oscar-winning actress' entire filmography in under ten minutes on a segment of The Late, Late Show. Using various wigs and different outfits, the pair took on the most iconic moments from Julia's films, with James playing each of the smaller roles. The pair started off with Notting Hill, with James taking on Hugh Grant's character, as Julia recited her famous speech, saying: "I'm also just a girl. Standing in front of a boy. Asking him to love her."

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The pair then sped through Julia's back catalogue, including Mona Lisa Smile, Oceans 11, Runaway Bride, Steel Magnolias, Charlie Wilson's War, Mystic Pizza, America's Sweethearts and Eat Pray Love – where the pair shared a huge plate/ bowl of pasta together. They also took on Julia's famous Pretty Women scene in which she returns to a store which wouldn't serve her. With James playing the shop assistant, Julia said: "You work on commission right? Big mistake! Big. Huge."

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The pair re-enacted Pretty Woman

The pair closed their performance with My Best Friend's Wedding, with the pair performing the iconic song from the rom-com, I Say a Little Prayer. Fans were quick to praise the video, with one writing: "My goodness, Julia Roberts is my favourite person ever," while another added: "James I have always loved when you have done the compilation of an actor's career. They have all been wonderful but this is the best one ever! I don't know how you keep doing it but you were brilliant in it! You even out shone Julia Roberts! She was wonderful but you stole the show." Another person suggested different guests for the segment, writing: "I have dreams of seeing Leonardo DiCaprio do one of these."

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