Emmerdale fans notice big blunder over Moira's baby

Viewers took to Twitter to question the age of Moira's newborn

Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale viewers have enjoyed a dramatic few weeks, with both Finn and Emma Barton meeting their makers. The birth of Moira's son too, has not only surprised fans – and Moira herself – but many have been left wondering just how old the newborn is supposed to be. On Monday night's episode, Moira was seen cradling a rather large looking baby, causing baffled viewers to flock to Twitter to question his size.

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Fans questions the age of Moira Barton's baby 

One wrote: "Wow that is one large newborn baby on Emmerdale how come she didn’t know she was pregnant with a baby of that size." Another added: "So Moira gave birth to a six month old baby." A third quipped: "Surely the producers could have found a newborn or smaller baby! Moira's baby looks around 2 months old!!"


The new mum didn't realise that she was pregnant until giving birth

There is plenty more yet to unfold in the coming episodes regarding Moira and her baby. While Moira had told Emma that his father was Pete Barton, Tuesday night's episode will see Cain Dingle discover that he is in fact the dad. Scenes will see Cain leave the hospital room after finding out in front of Pete and current girlfriend Harriet. Will he take on the responsibility, and even still, does this mean fans will soon be seeing Cain and Moira back together?


Moira's nephew Pete Barton believed he was the father 

Natalie J Robb, who plays Moira on the ITV soap, recently expressed her own desires for Moira and Cain to get back together, telling Digital Spy that Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain, is "lovely" to work with. She said: "It's lovely to work with Jeff Hordley. We have a great relationship and if that's the way it goes, then great, but you just never know."

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The actress, who has no children of her own, also spoke about working with the baby on set. "He's a dream, he sleeps! His grandfather is apparently Scottish, so he likes the dulcet tones of my voice! In filming when I'm handed him, he actually opens his eyes on cue," she said, "I don't have any children, so it's nice to do that and hand him back – I enjoy it."

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