Coronation Street fans spot 'plot hole' over Nicola Rubinstein's pregnancy

Pat Phelan's daughter is pregnant with Gary Windass' baby

Gemma Strong

There were dramatic scenes in Wednesday night's episode of Coronation Street as Nicola Rubinstein announced she is pregnant with Gary Windass' baby. Gary and Nicola had slept together behind his girlfriend Sarah Platt's back a few weeks ago, but quickly regretted their decision. And Nicola's father Pat Phelan was far from happy with the baby announcement, given that he already has a vendetta against the Windass family. But Corrie fans were more concerned with the fact that they believed they had spotted a plot hole relating to the pregnancy.


Coronation Street's Nicola Rubinstein is pregnant with Gary Windass' baby after a one-night stand

"How can Nicola be pregnant immediately when she only slept with Gary last week?" one viewer quizzed on Twitter. Another added; "Isn't it a bit soon for Nicola to find out she's pregnant????!!!!" A third wrote: "How can Nicola know she's pregnant so soon? They slept together 11 days ago. #psychic." A fourth joked: "Coronation Street has to be the most fertile street in the UK."

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Nicola and Gary slept together after meeting in a night club, with the pair unaware of who the other was. Mikey North, who plays Gary, previously told the Sun: "Nicola just happens to be there at the right time. She's the only person that Gary has told exactly what happened in the Ukraine and what he had to do, so that is probably one of the reasons that he feels an attachment to her.


Viewers questioned how the character knew she was pregnant so quickly

"Gary does love Sarah – things are great between them and they are so good together – but I suppose in the heat of the moment, he isn't thinking clearly. This isn't the Gary that's been around before he went to the Ukraine. This is someone else and I think it's taken over his mind almost, he's gone a bit crazy. His judgement is clouded by drink, he's just had a row with Sarah and he's not thinking straight.

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"When Gary goes home, he feels awful that he's confided in Nicola again and not Sarah. He goes back to Sarah's house and while he doesn't come clean about Nicola, he does about what's happened in the Ukraine, about how dangerous it is and the fact that he's not been letting on how bad it really is."

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