How will the Liar finale end? Read viewers' top theories

What do you think will happen in the Liar season finale?

Tonight is the finale of Liar and Joanne Froggatt has promised fans a "satisfactory" ending to the ITV thriller, as well as hinting at a second series of the show. Chatting about the TV show to Radio Times, the Downton Abbey actress has promised fans they'll get what they want: "There is a very satisfactory conclusion at the end of these six episodes. It doesn't leave you going, 'Ugh! I've just watched six and now there might be some more, but I haven't got my ending'." So what could happen to Laura and Andrew in tonight's final episode? Twitter is rife with theories…

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Could Andrew have an accomplice? At the end of last week's episode Andrew seemed certain they wouldn't find any of his DNA at DI Vanessa Harmon's when she told him her home was being searched for evidence, which has led viewers to think it's because he is working with someone. Could Andrew be acting as a facilitator and someone else is attacking the women so he could be certain they wouldn't find any evidence against him?


Joanne has already teased the ending 

Twitter users are expecting a plot twist and one theory is that Andrew's accomplice is one of the characters we have got to know over the last five episodes. Could it be Rory, DI Vanessa Harmon's colleague, who left his daughter's birthday party to help her? Or perhaps Laura's ex-boyfriend, Tom, who has always been in the background of the series? One Twitter user tweeted: "Wondering if Andrew is setting up the attacks whilst someone else is doing it?" while another responded: "I wouldn't be surprised if Tom raped Laura and the old detective raped Vanessa. I feel like they're a rape ring and Andrew does the filming."


Ioan in the role of Andrew

Throughout the series Laura has taken the law into her own hands to try and bring justice to Andrew and this could continue into the final episode. She has already kidnapped and drugged him, could she go one step further and kill him? A theory that would no doubt "satisfy" the audience, but it doesn't really pave the way for a second series like Joanne Froggatt suggested.

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There are other secondary characters viewers are expecting to come out of the wood works in the final episode. DI Vanessa Harmon's solider girlfriend, played by Jill Halfpenny, only appeared in one episode for a couple of minutes with many Twitter users pointing out Jill Halfpenny will no doubt be making a return for the action packed finale.


Some fans think Andrew has an accomplice 

Whatever the ending fans can't wait for the final episode with one tweeting: "#Liar is set up for a killer finale. Expecting a huge twist. I have theories. I need to mull them over," while another added: "So with Liar racking up the intensity levels and doctor foster 'savage' finale… who else is thinking of turning to drink?!" Speaking about the show on Lorraine, Joanne's co-star Shelley Conn, who plays DI Vannessa Harmon in the show, said: "It's so unpredictable, they can bring things out that I don't think anybody expected… I have to say, you know, as the show goes on – and it's the final episode next week – there are more revelations and you will be surprised."

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