The Chase: Viewers outraged after Bradley Walsh refuses answer on technicality

Fans of the popular ITV game show were not happy!

Gemma Strong

Fans of The Chase were less than impressed last week when host Bradley Walsh refused to accept a contestant’s answer on a technicality. During his appearance on the ITV game show, graphic designer Dean was asked by Bradley: "Wet Wet Wet did a cover of what song for Four Weddings and a Funeral?" Dean, 30, replied: "Love Is All Around Me", but Bradley refused to accept his answer, saying: "The correct answer is 'Love Is All Around'."

Viewers weren’t best pleased with Bradley’' seemingly harsh decision, with one tweeting: "Ridiculous that you didn't accept 'Love is all around me', instead of 'Love is all around!!' Shame on you Bradley!" Another tweeted: "'Love is all around me’'. Sorry no it's 'Love is all around' – WHAT? That is literally the answer, I'm fuming!"

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Bradley Walsh is the host of the hit ITV show The Chase

To make matters worse, Bradley later accepted a wrong answer from Dean's team mate, Rebecca. The 23-year-old was asked: "A melchizedek is a huge bottle containing 40 standard bottles of what drink?" She incorrectly replied "wine", to which Bradley replied: "Champagne, but I'll give you wine."

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It comes after some viewers accused Bradley of fixing the game show by reading the questions a lot quicker for the Chasers. Following one recent episode, viewers took to Twitter to claim that Bradley was asking the questions too slowly for the contestants, therefor giving Anne Hegerty an unfair advantage. "Could Bradley Walsh ask the questions for the cash builder any slower?" one fan tweeted. Another added: "Think The Chase is a fix sometimes, he says the questions much faster for the chaser in the final bit."

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