EastEnders spoiler: Bobby Beale makes surprise comeback

The EastEnders character is played by Eliot Carrington

Sharnaz Shahid

EastEnders fans were in for a shock when Bobby Beale made a surprise return on Tuesday night's episode. The demonic chid, who is played by Eliot Carrington, was seen being filmed in his prison cell, with Max Branning broadcasting the livestream to a terrified Jane Beale as she lay in her hospital bed. Bitter Max has been trying his best to get Jane to leave Walford without husband Ian, making threat after threat in a bid to exact his revenge. Bobby hasn't been seen on screen since he was sent to a youth detention centre for three years after he admitted killing his sister Lucy back in 2014. 


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Viewers rushed to share their delight over Bobby's shock comeback, with one writing: "Oh my days Bobby Beale had a cameo as well! Legit everyone is coming back tonight #EastEnders." Another said: "Good to see a Bobby Beale cameo tonight." A third post read: "The biggest shock of the O'Connor era on #EastEnders? They haven't recast Bobby Beale." Another wrote: "Happy to see Eliot back on our screens even tho it was only for a couple of seconds #eastenders."

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Earlier on, Max (Jake Wood) warned Jane to keep quiet about the real cause of Steven Beale's death, and his attempt to kill her. "You're going to tell them that Steven set fire to the restaurant because he wanted to kill you and then when you've been discharged you're going to leave Walford for good," he told her. "You do that and we're even, but if you don't Jane, then I'm going to to see to it that you and everyone that you love suffers." Later this week, fans of the BBC soap will see Jane break Ian's heart, telling him that she is leaving Walford on her own. But will Ian eventually realise the truth and get his own back on Max?  EastEnders continues on Thursday 19th September at 7:30pm on BBC One. 

EastEnders continues on Thursday 19th September at 7:30pm on BBC One.