Top Netflix shows and films to watch this winter 2017

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Netflix is so delightful!

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It is officially coat season, and for better or for worse, that means spending less time soaking up the sunshine outside, and more time snuggled indoors with a cup of tea (or mulled wine, your choice). Since the winter months are the perfect time to binge watch a boxset, and there is almost too much choice in boxsets nowadays, we have put together the Netflix top picks to enjoy while the weather outside is frightful! Check out our favourite recommendations…

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The Good Place

This comedy stars Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Frozen) as Eleanor Shellstrop, who wakes up to discover that she has died and gone to the 'good place'. After being greeted by the neighbourhood's kindly architect, Michael (Ted Danson), and meeting her soul mate, Chidi, Eleanor realises that there's been a mistake, and that she's not actually meant to be there. This show has become an instant favourite on the streaming site, and is a smart and fun comedy that you could easily watch over a weekend.


The Crown

Returning to Netflix on December 8, you might have to wait a little while longer for the second series to land, but it will be worth it! The series follows the early life of Queen Elizabeth II, and is the perfect show for anyone who loves a good period drama!


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A comedy musical series in which a somewhat crazy lawyer, Rebecca Bunch, decides to move to a small town in California after running into her ex – who she hasn't seen since she was a teenager. The hilarious show is brilliantly self-aware, and regularly spoofs musicals like Les Miserables or the Jersey Boys to great effect. Now in its third season, a new episode by Netflix is released week-by-week – meaning you have plenty of time to catch up!

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Jane the Virgin

A comedy-drama in which Jane, who is waiting until marriage to lose her virginity, is accidentally artificially inseminated. The brilliant premise is based on a Spanish telenovela, and retains a soap opera-level of drama and ridiculousness, making it funny, charming and clever in equal measure. It can also be pretty heartbreaking as well – but we'll say no more!  


Once Upon a Time

Perfect for all the grown-up Disney fans out there, this show is based in the town of Storybrooke, where all of your favourite storybook characters live, but because of a curse they have forgotten their true identity. As such, it leads to some pretty awkward situations (like Snow White cheating on Prince Charming and Belle being locked in a mental asylum), and only one person can break the spell. The show is admittedly a little cringe worthy at times, but it's all part of a magical charm. And since season seven is currently airing on Netflix, you won't run out of episodes any time soon!

Hacksaw Ridge

A conscientious objector (Andrew Garfield) signs up for the US army but refuses to carry a weapon or kill anyone. Instead, he acts as an army medic, saving his fellow men. Based on a true story, it earned Andrew an Oscar nomination and will have you reaching for tissues!  


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La La Land

Available for the first time on Netflix this week, the almost-Oscar winning musical film (too soon?!) stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as two struggling artists who fall in love with one another while trying to make it to the top in Hollywood. The film is a throwback to classic musical films from the heyday, and will leaving you humming the tunes for days!



Based on the bestselling novel from Joe Hill (Stephen King's son), Horns stars Daniel Radcliffe as a young man who is accused of murdering his girlfriend and mysteriously grows horns on his head, leading people to tell them their innermost desires. He then uses his power to try to find out the real culprit behind his girlfriend's death.  

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