Would you like Doctor Who to land on iPlayer in one go?

Would you binge-watch a new series of Doctor Who all in one go?!

Emmy Griffiths

Steven Moffat has admitted that he believes TV scheduling is coming to an end, and that he wouldn't be surprised in Doctor Who was released online in its entirety in the future. The Doctor Who showrunner, who is stepping down following the 2017 Christmas special of the popular sci-fi show, told Digital Spy: "Can I conceive a future where this happens? Yes. I would listen to wiser heads. I think television is changing massively. I think the idea of dropping a whole series and letting people find it, letting people watch it and binge it – I think it's coming. I don't think there's any doubt about that."

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Peter Capaldi is leaving the show after the Christmas special

He admitted that he loves binge-watching a good show, adding: "People are showing a marked preference for bingeing, we all are. I just binged my way through The Good Place. I just absolutely adored that. It just ran out instantly and I'm very resentful I have to wait now… I think the day is coming, I don't see how it can be stopped. Because the audience are actually in control and the audience are demonstrating a preference. I think TV scheduling is going to disappear."

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Jodie will play the first female Doctor

The Christmas special will be Peter Capaldi's last episode as the Doctor before Jodie Whittaker takes over in the role for the new series in 2018. The show's official Twitter account recently announced that the star would be joined by a new gang consisting of Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole, writing: "Meet the 13th Doctor's new friends! Yasmin, Ryan, and Graham." Speaking about becoming the first female Doctor, Jodie said: "It's really exciting. It's got a huge audience and a huge fan base and a loyal, wonderful fan base. Maybe this will open it up to maybe some new young faces that haven't necessarily been introduced to it yet. Because you forget that, if I'm the thirteenth, there's so much to watch and catch up on."