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Piers Morgan reveals that he quit Good Morning Britain – find out why

Piers Morgan found the 4a.m. start to the day too difficult

piers morgan susanna reid

Piers Morgan revealed that he previously quit Good Morning Britain as the early morning schedules were taking their toll on him. The presenter, who hosts the show with Susanna Reid, said that he felt "completely different" after the ITV bosses rearranged the situation to make it more manageable. Speaking to Radio Times, he said: "I actually quit in the summer. I said, 'I'm out,' because I couldn't do it anymore. Then we came to a new arrangement, which is great. I feel completely different." So what is the new arrangement? According to the magazine, Piers now doesn't have to get to the studio until shortly before it airs at 6 am, when previously he would have to get to there at 4 am.

piers morgan susanna reid 1© Photo: ITV

Piers opened up about the early morning starts

However, Piers admitted that Susanna still gets to the studio much earlier, as she has to have her hair and make-up done. He said: "The only reason, really, I had to go in so early was because the female stars all have to. It takes them longer [to get ready] because they get more attention and pressure on how they look, how their hair is and everything else. I'm lucky. Five minutes of slap and on I go. I said, 'Does anyone really care if I come in at 5.30 and we just have a catch-up on the phone?' Which is what we now do."

piers morgan susanna reid© Photo: ITV

He revealed the Susanna still has to get there earlier than he does

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Susanna and Piers have a good working relationship, and Piers recently teased Susanna on their morning show after interviewing a group of rowers, the Four Oarsmen. He said: "You're single. You've always said to me your ideal man would be about 6ft2 or 6ft3, ex-military possibly, and tattooed. You've got four strapping guys there, bristling with muscle. Probably military connections. However, I did say to them have you got any tattoos and they said no. You like a rough old tatt don't you?" Quick to respond, Susanna said: "That's the deal breaker. I like a full sleeve."

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