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The Mummy Diaries' fans hit out at Sam Faiers' partner Paul: video

Wednesday's episode saw an awkward exchange over some cheese on toast

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Gemma Strong
Gemma StrongOnline Digital News Director
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Fans of The Mummy Diaries were left less than impressed with Sam Faiers' partner Paul Knightley following Wednesday night's episode. The latest instalment saw Paul return home for lunch with Sam, baby Paul and the couple's newborn daughter Rosie. New mum Sam set about making cheese on toast for both her boyfriend and her son – but issues quickly arose. Baby Paul became fussy as Sam passed him to his dad, and clung onto Sam's shoulder as she tried to remove lunch from the oven. As father and son then started to eat, Paul complained that the cheese on toast wasn’t cooked properly. "It's not cooked. It's just bread, cheesy bread. It's not cooked," he said.

sam faiers mummy diaires cheese on toast

Sam Faiers was seen trying to make lunch for her partner and their young son Paul

Sam, who was sat with her son, tried some for herself, replying: "Paul's is." "His was worse than mine," Paul answered. "I know, I just cut it." "Well I've just eaten some and it's actually really nice," Sam said. "It's cheesy bread, it's not cheese on toast," Paul contended. "Make yourself some more then," Sam suggested, before Paul exited the room.

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It came after Sam, 27, admitted to camera that she would love for her partner to help out more in the kitchen, saying: "I think it’s really important for both parents to help out at home. When you’ve got a young family you have to work together at it. I’d really like it Paul could do some cooking."

Fans quickly took to Twitter to discuss the incident, with one writing: "That whole cheese on toast scene really wound me up. Paul was being so awkward, why did he not just take baby Paul away while Sam was taking hot food out of the oven instead of having a baby on her back while she's at the oven." A second added: "I literally couldn't deal with Paul… @SamanthaFaiers has the patience of a saint!"

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The episode also saw Sam's older sister Billie Faiers, 28, break down in tears as she filled out school applications for her three-year-old daughter Nelly. "It's the pressure!" she told partner Greg Shepherd, who consoled her, saying: "She'll be fine whatever school she goes to." "It's just a reality check of how important this is to me," Billie added. "I feel so nervous about the whole thing. It's so stupid."

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