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Coronation Street spoilers 23/07 to 27/07: Kayla true identity exposed as she kidnaps Bethany

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Coronation Street has an exciting week ahead full of twins and turns, including Kayla finally being found out, leading to devastating consequences for Bethany, Tyrone having a terrible shock as he tries to reconcile with Fiz, and Kevin prepares for Jack to come home. Find out what to expect from this week's episodes…


In the first part, after telling Craig he doesn't have to do his rituals, Kayla then deliberately slams her car brakes, causing Gail and Audrey to crash into her and pretending a cat ran in front of her. Faking an injury, she then tells him it was his rituals keeping them safe. After Audrey tells Gail the car was registered to a Marsha Clifton, Bethany discovers that there wasn't a cat while checking CCTV. Tyrone is stunned when he announces he is moving home but discovers that Fiz has moved out when he moves back. Audrey informs Maria that she will be forced to evict her if she keeps running a business from her home, causing a distracted Maria to singe Tracy's hair with curling tongues. Kevin refuses her offers of help for Jack's return home, and sees a prosthetic specialist who shows Jack the different types of blades he could use, causing him to break down in tears.


Has Kayla's secret been exposed?

In part two, Bethany's suspicions about Kayla grow, while Kayla is frustrated when Craig admits he needs to go to hospital for his mental health. Bethany discovers that Craig has missed his police medical, and goes to Kayla's house to try and find him, finding only Kayla. Horrified, Bethany sees a photograph of Neil and Kayla. A furious Tracy tells Maria that she will tell everyone about what happened to her hair. Meanwhile Emma can tell Audrey is missing Maria. Tyrone tells Fiz he wants them to reconcile, and they plan a romantic dinner when the police arrive. Fiz arrives at no. 9 and finds a devastated Tyrone as his mum has passed away.


Part one sees a terrified Bethany captured by Kayla, who returns to the hospital to see Craig – attempting to convince him that Bethany lied to him and cheated on Nathan with other men. Craig tries to argue, and Kayla produces a photo of Neil and tells him he's her dad. Craig tells her Neil was guilty of grooming, and a furious Kayla returns to confront Bethany.


Will Bethany be okay?

Claudia arrives at the salon and brags about how well her business is doing to Audrey, and her plans for the future. Tyrone opens up to Fiz about his mum, and how he hoped she would change and come good. A social worker discovers Abi sleeping off a hangover at the garage. In part two, news about Kayla has spread to Sarah and Beth, who are horrified. Craig tries to find and rescue Bethany, but will he get there in time? Meanwhile, Brian babysits for Hope and Ruby and is impressed by their behaviour. The girls are convinced he's Father Christmas. Fiz finally moves back into No. 9 with Tyrone.

Over a drink Claudia asks Maria if she would want to run one of her salons, but how will Audrey react? Tim reveals £1k has been deposited into his bank account but he doesn't know who it's from. Sophie says he should put it into Jack's fund, while Kevin reassures Sophie that he doesn't blame her for Jack's illness.


Claudia asks Maria if she would want to run one of her salons


In part one, Eva tells a stunned Adam that she thinks Toyah is too attached to Susie, and so it would be better for everyone if she left Weatherfield. Billy finds out that Summer has been nominated for a good samaritan award for her Speak and Save scheme, but admits to David that he sees himself as a failure as a dad. Shona sees Lily playing with a flick knife, and Lily tells her that she found it in David's jacket pocket. Meanwhile, Maria is panicking about finding the money for Claudia's franchise and Kevin prepares to move Jack to the rehab centre in Liverpool.

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In part two, Shona confronts David about carrying a knife. He apologises and says he has thrown the knife away. Jess calls at Craig's flat and she and Bethany try to convince him not to give up on his police career, while Craig promises he'll give it some thought but that he has to tackle his OCD. Adam is furious with Eva for deciding to leave, as are Leanne and Toyah, who are heartbroken to find a letter from Eva saying she has left.

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