Here's how BBC's Les Misérables will be VERY different to the musical film

We can't wait for this on our screens!

After weeks of waiting, the BBC One much-anticipated Christmas adaptation of Les Misérables, which boasts of an all-star cast including Lily Collins, Dominic West and Ellie Bamber, will finally air on Sunday. New images have revealed that the series will be very different from the 2012 musical film, which starred Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried. Rather than take place from the moment of Jean Valjean's release from prison, the new series appears to provide backstories for several characters.

We will see Fantine's backstory

Most notably, it appears that the show will depict Fantine's background; the character famously sings the iconic song I Dreamed a Dream in the musical film. In the musical version, Fantine works at a factory while paying for her illegitimate daughter, Cosette, who stays with an innkeeper. However, she is unfairly fired from her post and forced to sell herself to pay for her daughter's medicine, which she believes her child desperately needs. While gravely ill, she is helped by Jean Valjean, who promises to take care of her child and raise her as his own.

We will see how Fantine is left by her partner

The new images appear to show her relationship with the man who left her and her child, who is named only as Felix. In Victor Hugo's novel, Félix Tholomyès is one of a gang including Listolier, Fameuil, and Blachevelle, who were with Fantine's friends, Dahlia, Zéphine, and Favourite. However, all of the men eventually abandon the women and see the relationships as just for fun, leaving Fantine to care for their daughter on her own.


Dominic West plays Jean Valjean

The images also show a grown-up Cosette, played by Ellie Bamber, along with Dominic looking worse for wear when Jean Valjean is first released from prison after 19 years for stealing some bread (harsh, right?). The scene looks very similar to its 2012 counterpart, and looks at Valjean's journey as he leaves prison and is given a strict parole, which he breaks by trying to steal candlesticks from a priest, who eventually inspires him to begin his life again as an honest man.

Ellie Bamber plays Cosette

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