Line of Duty spoilers: Find out what went down in episode 2

Warning, Line of Duty spoilers ahead!

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Didn't have time to tune in with Line of Duty on Sunday but desperate to find out what happened? Sure you could watch the episode on BBC iPlayer, but we also have all of the answers right here! Find out everything that went down in the second episode of the hugely popular police procedural drama here but be warned! If you don't want any information about season five episode two, don't read any further…

RIP Maneet, killed in the line of duty

Unsurprisingly, since we saw her throat cut in episode one, episode two reveals Maneet died from her injuries, and her body is identified by Steve and Kate who are struggling to remain professional after losing a member of their team. Although Maneet had been shady in the past, the pair soon discover that she had made contact with the criminal organisation in order to feed information back to AC-12 and redeem herself. Upon discovering this touching news, Hastings orders that her red notice be dropped, and concludes that she died in the line of duty.


John Corbett isn't all bad

Although we've seen John order the death of his fellow officers while undercover, he makes contact with Steve to tell him that he hasn't switched sides. He is still acting as an undercover officer (and his wife does still love him), and he is doing what it takes to find out who 'H' is and bring down the organisation once and for all. The officers he put in danger during his undercover operation are corrupt themselves, so he doesn't feel any remorse. It's fair to say he's gone rogue, but his reasons behind it suddenly seem very reasonable, particularly because he's on the hunt to bring down the top dog – the person behind it all since season one. After meeting Steve, John convinces him to work together to bring down the REAL bent copper. Steve's sold, and decides to keep their meeting a secret from Kate. Oh Steve.

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Hastings' marriage is well and truly over

Even though he might be getting his money back on the bad investment that ruined his marriage, his wife is done with him, pure and simple. She's moved on and met someone new, and she wants Ted to do the same. She wants him to sign the divorce papers, and he is clearly devastated. And he's living in a hotel. Poor old Ted. He also has a meeting with DCC Wise, who replaced DCC Hilton, along with PCC Sindwhani, and received permission to look into Operation Peartree.


Steve and Sam are kind of back on

Remember Steve's girlfriend, murder squad officer Sam? It appears that over two years after dumping Steve when he was being set up as a corrupt officer in season three, she feels bad about what she did and clearly wants to get back with the DS. Since Kate also jokes about Steve settling down, we're getting the feeling that Steve's solitary personal life might play a part in the new series.

H gives orders via instant messaging

John makes contact with the top dog for the first time via an instant messaging service on a laptop, then later in the episode you see that Hasting himself has the exact same messaging system on his personal laptop, and with his marital troubles, quite frankly we don't know who he would be chatting to on it – unless he's the head of a corrupt criminal syndicate, of course. Either way, the show is clearly pushing viewers to suspect that dear old Ted is corrupt (even though he follows the letter of the law, the LETTER).

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Jane Cafferty is corrupt (is EVERYONE corrupt, seriously?!)

If you remember, Jane is the officer who survived the attack on the convoy in episode one. Although she was quite believably a straight copper, it turns out that she (along with pretty much everyone at this point) had previously passed confidential information to the crime organisation. Her hand is also forced by Lisa, and John perfectly orchestrates the arrest of both her and Lee Banks by tipping Steve Arnott off, who catches them meeting. It couldn't have worked out better for John, as he proved to Steve that he is only hurting corrupt officers, and it removes Lee from his organisation, who was beginning to grow suspicious that John wasn't telling them the whole truth.


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Jane chooses a 'H' as her recruiter

Jane is taken to AC-12, where she admits that she has been complicit in criminal activity, and that she was recruited by a high ranking police officer. Kate picks out the headshots of the main officers who were suspects back in season four (including Hastings), and although we don't see who Jane chooses, we do see Steve and Kate's faces – and they don't look happy.