White House Farm viewers were distracted by Stephen Graham for this reason

Did you think Stephen Graham's Welsh accent was accurate?

Emmy Griffiths

Fans have praised the first episode of ITV's White House Farm, but there was one element of the episode that proved to be seriously distracting; Stephen Graham's accent! The Line of Duty star played the Welsh detective DCI Taff Jones in the series, and fans were quick to take to Twitter to complain that his accent wasn't quite right.


Fans praised Stephen's acting, but were unsure about his accent

One person wrote: "I think Stephen Graham is one of the finest actors on the planet. He’s brilliant. However... I think I might be struggling to convince anyone else after hearing the Welsh accent he’s just delivered," while another added: "There's been a homicide alright ... Stephen Graham murdering the Welsh accent." A third person suggested that they should have hired a Welsh actor, adding: "Stephen Graham is a great actor, but why can’t big broadcasters like @ITV cast actual Welsh actors in Welsh roles?? There are many great Welsh actors who could've played DCI Taff Jones."

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What did you think of the first episode?

However, fans agreed that Stephen still delivered a great performance in the opening episode, saying: "The accent may be a bit off but can we all please take a moment to appreciate how brilliant Stephen Graham is? It doesn't matter what he stars in, he always puts in a great performance. He's a truly fantastic actor."

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