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Abby Choi's murder: what happened to the Hong Kong-based model and influencer?

The influencer was murdered by her husband's family

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In Abby Choi's pinned post on Instagram on 15 February, the prolific model and influencer shared her latest magazine cover, while she wrote about how grateful she was for the recognition and the "continued support" that she had received. A few days later, she was dead at the hands of her ex-husband Alex Kwong and his family. So what happened? Here's everything to know about the horrific situation…

Who was Abby Choi?

Abby, 28, was an influencer and model who came from a wealthy family. The eldest of three daughters, she tied the knot with her ex-husband Alex when they were both 18, and the pair shared two sons. The couple divorced four years later but Abby remained close to her husband's family. She went on to marry husband Chris Tam in 2016, and the pair had two children together.

abby choi jacket© Photo: Instagram

Abby was 28 when she was killed 

In a statement, he said: "When Abby was alive, she was a very kind person and always wanted to help people. I feel anyone who had a chance to be her family or her friend are blessed."

How was Abby Choi murdered?

Hong Kong police have charged Abby's ex-husband Alex Kwong, his father Kwong Kau and brother Anthony Kwong with the murder. They have claimed that the three men rented an apartment where they planned the murder, which was clearly premeditated.

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They are currently searching for Abby's remains 

Speaking at a press conference, the police superintendent said: "The flat was arranged meticulously by cold-blooded killers… Tools that are used to dismember human bodies were found in the flat, including meat grinders, chainsaws, long raincoats, gloves, and masks... The suspects covered the walls of the flat with a sail, and they put on face shields and raincoats so that they would not get bloodstained by dismembering the body."

Why was Abby Choi killed?

It has been reported that there was a dispute surrounding a luxury apartment that Abby purchased for the family. Abby began to make plans to sell the apartment, which was registered in her former father-in-law's name in order to avoid stamp duty.


She received advice from a lawyer who confirmed that she could sell the property if she provided proof that she paid for it, and the decision was met with resistance from her ex-husband's father. 

How was Abby Choi found?

Abby's body parts were discovered at a property where she was dismembered and hidden in cooking pots, with officials believing that she suffered a fatal injury from behind struck in the back of her head. A search is currently underway to find her remaining body parts in a nearby landfill.

hong kong apartment© Photo: Rex

The apartment where Abby was found

Superintendent Alan Chung said: "The suspects threw away several bags of important evidence in the morning of 22 February. There may be some human body parts or they could be the clothes and phone of the victim - or even the weapons."

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