Facing up to what makes a woman beautiful

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but we cannot deny that there are certain traits that make a person more or less attractive.

Experts in facial structure say that well-formed cheekbones, large eyes, high eyebrows framing the eyes, and lips of medium thickness, are the determinant facial features in women, and those which make them most beautiful.



Different types of faces

We all know about the prototypes of body structure, like the pear and the apple shapes. There are established prototypes of facial features as well.

There are long faces and short faces, so categorised based on their longitudinal dimensions, or square or heart-shaped faces, according to their silhouette.

Oval profiles are more common in women, and these give off an appearance of femininity and delicateness, the features that most attract the opposite sex.

Beautiful actresses

Many actresses have the merit of appearing gorgeous to us. In fact, they are the ideals of beauty for many people.

So why are celebs like Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson so attractive, sensual and photogenic? Well, ladies, the secret of their beauty lies in their cheeks and lips.

They are the anatomical traits that are most notable in their facial structures and those which capture our attention quickly. In addition, they achieve proportion and perfect balance between the concave and convex areas of the face.


In the case of Penelope Cruz, the traits are more balanced, drawing our gaze thanks to large eyes that are perfectly framed by well-formed eyebrows.

Her beauty also lies in a large mouth but not too thick lips. The jawline perfectly frames the lower edge of the face, distinguishing it from the neck.

'Flawed' faces are also beautiful

Not all faces meet the standards of proportionality. Women like Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and Hilary Swank all have imperfect proportions.

But beauty does not always lie in proportion. For many people, some soft or elegant gesture can supplement a face that is not particularly graceful.

Without a doubt, a lovely, bright smile favours any face, and a sour expression casts a shadow on the most perfect face. Beauty comes from inside and radiates an aura around the woman, making her extremely attractive.

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