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Summer's over, it's time to shine in the workplace

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You might have spent a week turning golden on a sunny beach, gone hiking around the UK or even headed to more exotic realms.But now that the summer's over it's easy to get the back-to-work blues, with routine, early mornings, and dealing with that email backlog. To help you ease into the autumn here are our tops tips to get ahead at work.


Appearance To make that super early meeting have a time efficient beauty regime.Ditch those make-up brushes and cakey foundation for the new skin revelation on the market.BB cream is a multi-purpose innovation. It promises to give flawless coverage with primer and pigment properties that match the colour of your skin whilst providing 24hr hydration for a dewy finish. All in one bottle!Finish off this healthy glow with either a coat of eye-widening mascara or a pop of lip colour. Stick to the either-or principle to create a sophisticated minimalist look that only takes minutes.

AttitudeChange your outlook by throwing yourself into any task, no matter how menial. In the workplace, everyone is busy. So if you have spare moments don't hesitate to help out when a colleague needs it. They'll remember your favour in the future.It also helps to think back to the words of our wise mothers. Be polite and courteous in every conversation, whether with your boss, a colleague, or the cleaner. Try to pay someone at least one compliment a day. Always remember to say please and thank you but, most importantly, smile. This will keep yourself happy as well as others.


Well-BeingIn reality, the nine-to-five routine rarely applies to most modern offices. With emails and smart phones work becomes only a click away – even at the weekend. Remember to switch off for at least 80% of your leisure time. By preventing your work from affecting fun, family or even sleep time you will be more likely to act more efficient and relaxed back in the office.Make time for breaks between deadlines. Treat yourself to a weekend away every now and again to apply that pre- and post holiday glow back at your desk.Ultimately, keeping yourself happy and motivated will lead you to shine with high-performance in the workplace.