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Kelly nails $250,000 diamond manicure for the Emmys

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Kelly Osbourne

looked a million dollars at the 64th Grammy Awards – with the help of a rather pricey manicure. With a

hefty price tag of $250,000

, the valuable bottle of beauty is explained by the 267-carat diamonds which are infused with black lacquer. The 27-year-old announced that she was "so excited & honoured" to be wearing

the most expensive nail polish in the world

, by Los Angeles-based luxury jeweller Azature.


But it isn't surprising that she also voiced her concerns about having "that much money" on her nails.Even so, she oozed confidence in her pretty purple Zac Posen gown and matching lilac hair, offsetting her black diamond-clad nails.As part of

E! Channel

's red carpet team it was Kelly's job to observe and comment on the outfits of the other stars.Later that evening she tweeted: "Am I crazy or are people really playing it safe at #Emmys #ERedcarpet ...?"

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