Exclusive: Joyce Bonelli on the Kardashians and the celebrity moment that changed her life...

Make-up artist Joyce Bonelli is one of the world's most famous make-up artists, having shot to fame after working with the Kardashians.

She now spends most of her time doing make-up for the famous family, telling us that she has to turn other work down because "the Kardashians are super organised and have me booked up three months in advance."

The face of tanning brand Cocoa Brown's new Golden Goddess Oil, Joyce took a quick break from her make-up duties to jet to London and chat to HELLO! Fashion about all things Kardashians, her career, and why she was so fascinated by Kim...

Joyce and Kim

When I do make-up, I always start with the skin...
I'm widely considered the queen of the smokey eye but I'm actually all about the skin first. Some people do eyes first and then skin, but I start with skin because I get inspired by it. A bronzed, shimmery look is one of my favourites make-up styles.

And as everyone knows, I'm all about the contour and highlighting! I kind of see the face as a blank canvas that I need to add dimension to. To me, make-up is painting and it can totally change someone's face. When I first started working with the Kardashians, I didn't do Khloe much. Then when I did, everyone would report that Khloe had had a nose job!

I have no rules when it comes to beauty...
I'm probably the only make-up artist who doesn't! I have no seasonal rules either, I like to do exactly what they say not to do!

For Kim and Kanye's wedding in Paris, I did chocolate brown eyeliner on Khloe's lips. Her auntie Shelly was like, 'This is so ugly,' but we loved it!

I did the same for Kylie for a photoshoot and she turned it into a lip kit colour! She almost named it after me.

Joyce and Kylie

The Kardashians LOVE their glam...
All of the girls are so beautiful, and they all look stunning without make-up, but they love a glam look. They are all so well put-together, so groomed, not a hair out of place.

It's almost OCD – Kim always has her nails manicured but even just after she's had them done, she'll be like 'Wait – something is not right'.

They're so well-groomed because Kris is just so on it – even Rob, he always has his nails manicured.

When I first met Kim, I didn't know who she was...
I met her on a random photoshoot and I was like, 'Who is Kim Kardashian?'. I was hungover, to be honest.

But there was something that fascinated me about her... She was so different, gorgeous and unique. Everyone in LA kind of looks the same – they want to be super tanned, with bleached hair and extensions. But when I met Kim, she was a girl who looked so different. She was so nice and had these huge eyes – I was just fascinated by her.

Joyce and Khloe

Shortly after, I was signed to do both her and Kourtney's make-up for Kourtney and Kim take New York..
At first, working with them actually prevented me from getting work. It just wasn't cool to work with the Kardashians – especially in the magazine/fashion world. All of that has changed now, obviously, and I get offered a lot of work.

But I have to turn it down – the Kardashians are super organised and have me booked up three months in advance!

Joyce used the Golden Goddess oil on Khloe for an Instagram snap

They're the nicest people...
The girls are exactly the same as they were when I first met them 10 years ago. They're so forgiving, on a personal level, and they're the most gracious people you'll ever meet.

Kris Jenner is an incredible businesswoman – she never stops. She's taught me so much about business.

My career highlight is working with Nicki Minaj...
She was used to doing her own make-up which I explained to her, in the nicest way possible, was a bit OTT. She had so much highlight on her eyebrows, crazy eye colours, glitter, just too much of everything – she's such a beautiful girl and she doesn't need much make-up.

I totally stripped it back and got her to show her natural beauty and I think that ever since then, it's changed her career.

Khloe, Nicki Minaj and Joyce Bonelli

They call me the selfie queen...
Kanye actually said in a meeting the other day that I'm responsible for the phenomenon because I would tell them: 'You have to hold it up like this and do this'. I'm the selfie queen.

My top tips are to hold your camera up above and then look to the camera, have really good lighting, and use highlighter – I love the Golden Goddess on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose.

Joyce applying the Golden Goddess oil on Cocoa Brown founder Marissa Carter

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