Kendall Jenner launches new eye shadow palette with Estée Lauder

It appears Kendall Jenner isn't content with owning the catwalks and being part of one of the most famous families in the world. The 20-year-old has now teamed up with cosmetics giant Estée Lauder to create a new eye shadow palette.

Following in the footsteps of her younger sister Kylie, 18, whose Lip Kit products have taken the world by storm and are currently sold out everywhere, Kendall will launch her new palette through The Estée Edit.

Discussing her new business venture, Kendall told PeopleStyle: "I'm really particular when it comes to eye shadow, so creating [the palette] and to make it my own was really run. I don’t really love wearing make-up too much. There's a good set of browns in there, and I also wanted to appeal to everyone so I added black. Purple is my favourite colour so I threw that in there too."

Kendall Jenner is launching a new eye shadow palette with Estee Lauder

The Kendall J Palette features 14 different shades, ranging from matte to sparkly and even has two colours specifically made for partying which have black light technology – meaning they glow in the dark!

While her sister is going it alone with Kylie Cosmetics, Kendall's latest beauty endeavour comes after the release of her very own lipstick with Estée Lauder, and she's also the face of the brand.

Kylie Jenner recently launched the very successful Lip Kit

And Kendall has no plans to stop there. She continued: "I think I'd like to do more lipsticks. And then maybe a good bronzer. Because again, when I'm doing my own make-up, it's mainly light eye shadow, bronzer, a lip if I want and mascara. So anything that I would wear every day, I would want to do." Earlier this year Kendall was named most influential teen by Time Magazine, but she's since she doesn't live to please anybody but herself.

She told El Paris: "Do I respect that title fully? Yes, of course, but I also want to live my life as I please and I do not worry about what other people think about it. Basically I live for myself, not for the rest of the world."