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Hair removal myths busted

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It's a decision we've all had to make at some point; shave, epilate or wax? But with all the rumours associated with each different process of hair removal, it can be hard to know which direction to go in.But most of the myths are just that; untrue statements which have been blown out of proportion. Nathalie Eleni, Braun and Venus Beauty Expert, has busted the most common ones, which should allow you to remove unwanted hair with ease.


Braun and Venus has debunked popular myths surrounding hair removal

Shaving:Does shaving make your hair grow back quicker or thicker?Each of our hairs is naturally tapered and thinner at the tip, and shaving cuts them at a cross section, which temporarily makes each hair look a little thicker. There is no actual change to the shape or thickness, and hairs return to their tapered shape in a matter of days.So don't forgo super smooth legs in a bid to hope they don't grow back thicker. It's important to shave regularly to maintain super smooth, gorgeous legs, using a good quality razer, such as the brand new Venus Swirl.

It's better for your skin to shave regularly

Does shaving regularly dry out skin or cause irritation?Shaving regularly will not cause your skin irritation or encourage dryness. If you are proven to irritation make sure you shave using warm rather than boiling hot water. When water is too hot, it can dry out your skin – not the razer. Also, follow with a moisturiser that includes camomile or aloe vera, this will soothe and calm the skin and help to close pores.How do you avoid catching the skin when shaving?Again, using a good quality razor can help avoid the risk of catching the skin. The blades must be kept sharp by changing your razor head every 5-10 shaves, or at the first sign of dullness of discomfort. When shaving tricky areas such as underarms or bikini line, it's best to gently stretch the skin to ensure you create a flatter surface to catch all the hairs in a single stroke.

Epilating isn't as painful as it's made out to be

Epilating:Is epilating painful?The imagined pain hurdle can put people off from trying epilating, but they are often surprised by the low level of pain they actual experience. The pain also diminishes with use for virtually pain free hair removal. Braun also have incorporated an integrated massage system in the head of the epilator, which masks pain by stimulating other nerves and leads to surprisingly low discomfort.The top tip to beat the pain is to go easy and relax. Also try epilating under water with a specially designed Wet & Dry epilator. Hold skin tightly and do small areas at first. Your hairs should be short. If they are too long, shave first and then wait a day or two.Do I need to wait for my hair to grow before epilating?Your hairs should be short to ease the pain, if too long first shave and wait a day or two. The Braun Silk-epil 9 epilator can capture hairs as small as a grain of sand, so there's no need to wait to use it again – as soon as you see a hair come through you can zap it with your epilator straight away. This also eliminates 'in between days' experienced with waxing for continually smooth and gorgeous legs!"

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