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Perfect brows: everything you need to know about microblading

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How much time do you waste every morning filling in your brows? How amazing would it be if you could wake up every morning with them perfectly arched and groomed? Well, now you can. Microblading, a semi-permanent alternative to tattooing has rocketed in popularity after celebs like Bella Thorne expressed their love for it on Snapchat and now it’s being offered in salons up and down the country.

We spoke to microblading specialist Sian Dellar, so if you’ve been considering getting it done yourself (or you’re just curious to see what the process involves), read on. 

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What’s the difference between microblading and traditional eyebrow tattooing?

Traditional tattooing methods are generally carried out using a machine which results in a more ‘block’ like effect, similar to what we achieve by using brow powders. Microblading is carried out using a specialised manual hand tool to create individual hair-like strokes. Carrying out the treatment by hand means we’re able to achieve a much more natural look.

Who is the perfect candidate for the treatment? Do some people experience better results than others and is there anyone who shouldn’t have it done?

I’ve dealt with so many different people; from the stressed bride-to-be to the cancer patient who has not only lost all her hair but her lashes and brows too. I believe that every person is treatable. No matter how big the challenge- where there is a will there will be eyebrows!

What does the process actually involve and how long does it usually take?

The entire process takes around an hour and thirty minutes. I start by having a clear conversation with my client about what their ‘Dream Brows’ would entail. I then begin to draw on the brows with a pencil so that the client can visualise the brow shape before any microblading takes place. Once the client is completely happy with the proposed brows, we numb the area and begin the procedure. 

Does it hurt? Do you advise taking painkillers beforehand?

Painkillers aren’t necessary as we use numbing cream throughout the treatment. Everyone experiences pain differently, but generally speaking it feels as though you’ve caught your skin with tweezers.

What aftercare is required?

The first 10 days of the healing process are vital to the entire treatment, in this time clients are advised to stay away from makeup and keep their treated area water free! Coconut oil or Vaseline should be applied at least twice a day to keep the area moisturised and reduce scabbing.

Is there an ideal time of year to undergo the treatment?

Any time of the year is a great time to upgrade your makeup game ;)

How long will the results last and how much maintenance does it require?

The results vary from person to person but most clients will see us within 24 months from their initial treatment for a colour refresh.

What can you do to ensure your brows last as long as possible?

Wearing a moisturiser everyday with a high SPF (at least 30) will help protect your brows from direct sun exposure, which will reduce the fading process.

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