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Pregnancy pampering tips that will allow you to indulge

A mini-guide to help you relax during your pregnancy

pregnancy relaxing tips
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A lot of famous females are currently pregnant, including This Is Us star Alexandra Breckenridge, who has been sharing her top beauty tips in various interviews. Inspired by her words of wisdom, we've put together our own mini guide for pregnancy pampering that will allow you to indulge – despite the discomfort!
 We should probably star with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, which Alexandra is endorsing; this top-selling body cream leaves skin silky smooth and is extremely nourishing. With the brand's new stretch mark formula due to hit shelves next year we suggest mummies-to-be get stuck in to the classic product now!

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"The base being cocoa butter is just so fantastic for your skin, but now it also has collagen too, which is great. It also has vitamin E oil which is obviously amazing for your skin," the actress gushed, with collagen known for elasticity and vitamin E known to prevent ageing.
 For washing, Love Boo is a go-to brand for natural products designed especially for mothers and babies. Its Silky Soft body wash contains avocado oil to provide hydration, and the subtle hints of ginger and lemon leave a clean finish – both smells known to combat morning sickness!

pregnancy relaxing tips

Find time for pampering during your pregnancy with these top tips

And when you get ready for your soak in the tub, pour in some of Neal's Yard Mothers Bath Oil. The world-famous brand is useable even for those with the most sensitive skin and will leave you completely and utterly relaxed thanks to the essential oils... We're feeling sleepy just reading about it! Remember not to have your water too hot or stay too long in the bath, as this isn't advised during pregnancy.

What about hair? Locks are known to change in texture while you're expecting and it'll probably grow faster and fall out less, meaning you'll have a whole lot of hair to look after. Rahua provides totally organic hair care products and you'll find so many options, like the classic shampoo and conditioner, to indulge in during your pamper session. 
Last, but not least, we don't blame expectant mothers for wanting to take care of certain 'assets'. For this, we suggest Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube, which soothes and protects the breasts before and after pregnancy and will keep skin from sagging.

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