Cheryl reveals how she coped with post-baby hair loss and facial pigmentation

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Seeing Cheryl walk the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival earlier this month, looking gorgeous in a full-length white gown, you'd never know she'd struggled with any body changes since becoming a mother to her little boy Bear last March. But of course, while having a baby is a wonderful thing, all new mums know that pregnancy and birth come hand in hand with a host of body challenges, such as hair loss, skin pigmentation issues and of course, the effect carrying a baby for nine months has on your figure.

We love how down-to-earth and honest Cheryl is, and were delighted to sit down with her on the French Riviera to discuss how her beauty routine has changed since becoming a first-time-mum. We discovered her solutions to hair loss, pigmentation and why she prioritises skincare above everything. Read on for a few highlights from the interview, and read the full article in the new issue of HELLO!, out now.  

Cheryl, shot by Flavien Prioreau for L'Oréal

Cheryl, last year you said your beauty regime had gone out of the window since becoming a mother. Have you clawed it back? 

"I've got it back a bit. I mean, my son’s one and I had to do something. When I was pregnant I had pigmentation on my face so I wanted to start to correct that. I would say my beauty regime came back after about six months. That’s how long it takes to start feeling human again."

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Do you take any supplements?

"Yes, they're called Lumity. Honestly, they're amazing. And they aid sleep because your body's getting what it needs. I also had a bit of hair loss after pregnancy and the supplements have really helped with that."

Are you diligent when it comes to skincare?

"I am now. More so as a mother, probably. You realise how much you need to take care of yourself and you respect your body a lot more for what it can do – I do, anyway. Taking care of your skin can make you feel good. And if your skin’s good, your make-up looks so much better. It makes all the difference. Instead of trying to mask problems with make-up, it’s a doddle if your skin’s hydrated, plump and primed." 

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What’s your biggest beauty bugbear?

"I have dark circles and the pigmentation from pregnancy takes a long time to fade. I used a corrector by SkinCeuticals – it does work, it just needs time. In general, I think a lot of people overuse products. You only need a tiny bit of serum and a tiny bit of moisturiser because your skin can only absorb so much. And you have to do what’s right for your skin type; don’t buy into something just because someone else loves it. You might have oily skin and they might have dry."

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Do you ever feel body conscious? 

“Yeah, I think we all do, don’t we? In the past I’ve woken up on the morning of a shoot and been like: ‘Why haven’t I been to the gym for like a month?’ It’s not a nice feeling so I’ve learnt not do that to myself because those pictures stay with you forever. But yes, I’ve definitely had to deal with that in the past.” 

Photo by Flavien Prioreau for L'Oréal

How are you juggling motherhood with your career? 

“Um, grandparents! And I just plan ahead. It’s planned not to fail. I’m quite organised when it comes to the baby because I have to be. And if I plan, then I can book in the grandparents.”

Read the full interview in this week's issue of HELLO! magazine - on sale now!

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