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Brilliant hair basics

Four tips for lustrous locks

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A long mane of healthy, shiny hair: it's most women's dream. And it shouldn't be hard to achieve if you follow our four simple guidelines:

  • Wash frequentlyIf you leave it too long between washes, you risk a build up of lacquer or other styling products, as well as natural oils, plus dust and smoke from the atmosphere and the dulling effect of UVA radiation. To avoid this, we recommend washing your hair every other day.

  • Use a conditionerWhen it comes to bright, shiny, hair, conditioner is one of our great allies. Make sure you choose one suited to your own hair type and use it every time you wash your hair. In addition, apply a once-a-week deep conditioning treatment, leaving it on for twenty minutes with your hair wrapped in a warm damp towel.

  • Rinse in cold waterAfter washing with shampoo and applying conditioner, finish off with a cold rinse – making sure the water is every bit as cold as you can bear. This will help to close the hair cuticle and leave hair glossy.

  • Use styling productsUsing styling gels and mousses helps bring out the shine as they help protect the hair from external damage and control frizz; they close up the cuticle and leave the hair shaft smoother and better able to reflect light, which is what shine is all about. They also mean we aren't tempted to rely on the hair drier so much. Be careful, though, to choose a product appropriate for your hair type and not to apply too much or you will get a build up effect, with just the opposite results to those you're aiming for.

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