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Curly hair: challenges and choices

Curls aren't the easiest hair type to deal with.

March 10, 2011
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There's no doubt that naturally curly hair has a character of its own, and those of us with straight hair spend a fortune each year trying to emulate the vivacity, movement and sheer joie de vivre that comes with a well-cut curly 'do.But curls come with a definite downside, too: they are often rebellious and difficult to manage, and they need special care if they aren't just to turn into an uncontrolled frizz or bird's nest tangle. Whether your barnet's all billowing waves or tight little bubbles, we've got some suggestions to help you keep the upper hand:


Relax: Avoid overly styled and formal 'dos as they are ageing and tend to have a hardening effect on the features.

No half measures: Mid-length cuts can be difficult as the hair tends to form ringlets, which can be unflattering. Opting for either short or longer styles is best.

Light on the layers: If your hair curls tightly, don't go for too many layers as it will become unmanageable. A few well defined layers will be easier to deal with.

Careful conditioning: Regular use of conditioner is essential so your curls don't lose their tone and strength; it will also help to keep them glossy, bright and bubbling with life. Remember that conditioning is doubly necessary if you colour your hair.

Hairdresser habits: Don't leave it too long between salon trips: regular visits will help keep you in control.

On a short spring: Remember that your hair is heavier wet than dry, so be wary about that 'just a bit more' when your stylist is cutting; once your hair has been dried, you'll find the curls have tightened and it may be shorter than you expected. 

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