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Festival fun for Lauren Conrad who accidently dyes hair pink in India

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Despite the former Hills star having only just dyed her hair a lighter shade of honey blonde in the salon, fashionista Lauren Conrad had an unexpected hairstyle shock during her recent travels in India.Attending the Holi festival, otherwise known as the festival of colour, the actress and beauty writer was caught up in a bright and buzzing tradition which ended up with a rather surprising result as Lauren's fair locks were stained a pastel pink hue after the day’s celebrations.

Lauren Conrad

The holiday, which is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalgunam encourages participants all over the area to throw coloured powder, water and paint around in celebration of the opening of the spring season.Standing in a pool full of pretty pink petals, Lauren tweeted to fans and followers a "Happy Holi" alongside a bright snap of herself covered in a fuchsia coloured powder.Little was the beautiful blonde aware, however, that the pigment was more difficult to wash out than it appeared. Sharing her discovery on Instagram Lauren commented on her new look:"So apparently it doesn't wash out… Looks like I'm sporting pink locks for the rest of the trip!"

Lauren Conrad pink hair

Luckily Lauren, who has released two books on beauty and often documents her style on the social media site, appeared unfazed by the drastic change of colour to her tresses which seemed to suit her relaxed holiday style.A well-known fan of playing with hair colour and the more recent dip-dye trend, the former reality TV star has previously experimented with ombre-toned blues to greens and even magenta tips on purpose, but nearly always goes back to her staple highlighted blonde barnet.The fashionista also showed that she was picking up other Indian beauty tricks, which will no doubt make an appearance on her blog, as she embraced a traditional henna pattern along her hands. The swirling designs looked stunning against the socialite's glossy nail varnish which bears resemblance to Chanel's appropriately named shade, Holiday.

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