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Get the look: Lauren Conrad's rainbow-coloured locks

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Lauren Conrad recently unveiled a barnet boasting rainbow-coloured tips.And all of a sudden, a look that is normally associated with rebelling teens became cool.


Now Kristin Ess, the lady behind The Hills beauty’s daring dye-job, has revealed some tips for those of you who are brave enough to give it a go.1. To make the coloured-ends effect profession-friendly, pin it back. “When Lauren was leaving the day we coloured her hair, I asked her to put it up in a bun, and you could see no colour whatsoever.2. Don’t worry about whether the colours would match your skin tone. “With Lauren, there was never any talk of whether or not these colours would match her skin tone because there’s just nothing natural about hot pink or electric blue. It’s like asking what shade of Magic Marker would look best in your hair. Pick whatever looks prettiest to you.”3. Consider your base colour. “If you’re blonde, you’re pretty much good to go. But if your hair is really dark or even red, you may have to bleach the ends blonde first.”4. And if you end up hating it?! “If you do just the ends, you can either get a haircut to take those two to three inches off the ends, or simple colour them back to your own natural colours. When Lauren and I took the plunge, we discussed the ‘You only live once’ and ‘We can always dye it back’ scenarios. You’ve got to have fun.”To achieve these strong colours permanently involves stripping back the hair and applying colour to the tips, which is something that should be left to a hairdresser. 

But has a solution for those of you who want to get this look without wreaking havoc with your tresses - Colour Xtreme.Colour Xtreme is a collection of temporary colour sprays and gels that will give you Lauren Conrad-inspired locks in a quick spritz. Boasting a huge arrays of bright, vivid colours, it washes out instantly without damaging hair.Here, the Colour Xtreme teams shows you how to recreate Lauren's look in three easy steps.


1. This look is relaxed and casual, so using tongs or flat irons create a lazy wave throughout hair rather than ‘structured’ curls.2. Select small sections of hair, and spray with chosen colour.Place a tissue in your hand to protect from overspray. Keep selecting sections, spraying with different colours. Layer the colours to create different shades – purple over blue = navy, green over blue = teal.3. Brush colour through with a soft bristled brush. Use a couple of drops of serum on palms to smooth hair and define waves.Colour Xtreme is available at Boots and

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