How to tackle this season's biggest hair trends

Mermaid hair, undercuts and high ponytails are some of the biggest hair trends this year, but without the right guidance they can be daunting. However, there are many ways to tackle your hair phobias, whether you're trying to decide if you should get a fringe or if you want to rock tousled locks but can't live without your hair straighteners.

We take a look at the top hair phobias and the cure to resolve them with advice from experts at


Beyoncé rocked a high ponytail at the 2015 Met Gala

I hate wearing my hair up

Find the right ponytail to suit your face shape and there will be no need to hide behind your hair. For round faces, high ponytails will look great, while square faces should be framed with strands from the ponytail left loose.

I'm scared to change my colour

This season is all about pretty mermaid shades in lilac and aquamarine – this trend is not for the faint-hearted. Find out what shades would suit your natural skin tone and randomly pick one – you’d be surprised at how much a colour change can completely transform your look. If you’re naturally fair, try a pastel pink whilst darker tones would be better off experimenting with ombre styles.

I'm not brave enough for a bob

Bobs are so easy to style and such an effective way to update your look. Round-shaped faces should aim for a long layered bob with a deep parting, whilst square-shaped ladies should consider bangs to create a more symmetrical outline.

Scarlett Johansson famously chopped her long blonde hair into an undercut

I can't live without my hair straighteners

The bedhead trend is here to stay – the catwalks have been full of dishevelled locks. Step away from the irons. Instead, wash your hair with straightening shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry it, roll it up in two large rollers and let it dry naturally – sleeping in them overnight is a good way to do this. Spritz with a bit of sea salt spray for extra curls.

I'd never suit a fringe

Don't commit to a fringe but take one for a test drive. You can get clip in fringes in a variety of styles and shades to play with before taking the plunge.

My up-dos are always the same

If you have a go-to style but you're tired of always going for the same look, try replacing it with a fishtail plait or halo braids – these are perfect for weddings and parties.

Hilary Duff has mastered the mermaid hair trend

My hair gets greasy after washing

Washing your hair every day can strip its natural oils so try to wash it every other day. If you're worried about greasy roots then opt for dry shampoo. Pop a can in your handbag for root touch-ups during the day.

My styles fall flat after an hour

Lay off the conditioner, as this can make fine hair fall flat. Instead, get plenty of mousse on the crown of your hair, which will lift roots. Also, invest in good quality hairspray that works for your hair type – this will help styles keep their shape whatever the weather.

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