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Watch Celebrity Hairstylist Matthew Curtis Recreate Oscars Red Carpet Hair

Oscars hair get the look
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After seeing all of the stunning red carpet beauty looks this awards season, we went to the Matthew Curtis hair salon in the Rosewood London Hotel to talk to the celebrity hairstylist himself about his favourite hair looks from the Oscars 2017 red carpet! See Matthew recreate both Amy Adams and Emily Ratajkowski's Oscars hairstyles, as modelled expertly by blogger Gabriella, from Pretty Ugly, in the video below, or read our step-by-step guide below!

We're at the Matthew Curtis Hair trialling two of his favourite looks from the Oscars 2017 red carpet

Posted by HELLO! on Thursday, 2 March 2017

How To Get The Amy Adams Hollywood Glamour Hairstyle

First up was Amy Adams with her old school Hollywood glamour, side parting and curls. Using medium sized curling tongs, curl the hair forwards towards the face - Matthew recommends Redken Fashion Work hairspray as it is really good to work with the hair and move it around whilst styling. It is especially important when creating this 40s effortless finish to tong the hair in the same direction so that when the waves sit together you have a nice, neat smooth and seamless wave.

Next, wrap the hair around the tong until it gets hot and then slide the curler out to leave a cylindrical curl. Pin with section clips through the middle – do not clip at the front as it creates a lift or a ridge – it needs to be kept flat.

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Then, unpin all of the sections and pull to the side using a large brush. Use shine spray on the brush so that you can smooth out flyaways as you brush through the curls, then spray hairspray as you work the brush through the curls, this helps to keep all of the curls all together for a softer finish.

Finally, start to backcomb the hair underneath for volume whilst keeping the hair together to mould and manipulate it into the shape you like and clip the hair to hold the shape while you continue to shape the curls. And to finish, on the other side bring the hair around and smooth with spray to come around the neck and join the rest of the hair!

Amy Adams Oscars hairstyle tutorial Matthew Curtis Hair

How To Get Emily Ratajkowski's Messy Updo Hairstyle

Emily Ratajkowski's effortless updo is all about texture so use a sea salt spray all the way through the hair (Matthew recommends his favourite Spray a Porter by Kérastase) and then use the cool setting on your hairdryer to quickly blast the hair. Then take a volumiser spray (this time it is Kérastase again with their VIP Volume in Powder spray which is like a dry shampoo "but with a bit more oomph") and spray it all the way through the hair breaking it up so it is loose and full of body.

Next, take a hair tie (Matthew uses a Bungee hair tie as it allows you to put your hair up really simply without losing the tension on the hair, you just hook in and wrap it around as tight as you want!) and use your hands to pull the hair into a tight ponytail. There is no need to use a brush for this but while it is effortless you still want tight sides. Then once secure, pull at the tied back hair to create texture and looseness and use the Redken hairspray to keep it in place.

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Then, use a comb to backcomb the ponytail as opposed to a soft bristle brush as it is more effective – backcomb the sections towards the head and wrap it around the tie in a bun, adding sea salt on the bits you are working on as you go. Start to pin the hair around the bun making sure it is secure. Adding more spray to secure around the pins.

And to finish, feel free to pull a bit more at the pulled back hair to create a more 'undone' feel. Then, if you wanted to frame the face a bit more, feel free to tong the flyaways for more glamour as opposed to a prom style updo!

Emily Ratajkowski Oscars hairstyle tutorial Matthew Curtis Hair

So, what do you think? If you would like to recreate these Oscars red carpet hairstyles, the the products Matthew recommends in the video are: Redken hairspray, Mason and Pearson brush. Kérastase Salt a Porter, Kérastase VIP Volume in Powder spray, Bungee hair tie, Session kit by Anna Chapman.

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