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How to: Choose a hairstyle for your face shape

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A new haircut can completely transform an appearance, but if your face shape isn't taken into consideration when plotting a changed 'do, it can be completely ruined.

We asked some of Britain's hottest hair experts for their best tips on how to choose a new style to suit your facial features.

Round face shape

"Long layers is a style that flatters round faces, starting just below the chin will help to open up the face and give the illusion of a longer face," celebrity hairdresser Andrew Collinge told Cover Media. "A slightly long fringe just below the eyebrows complements a round face and makes the eyes stand out and adding height at the roots will make the face appear longer." Avoid a centre parting, as this will only accentuate how round the face is, and “creates a wider looking forehead,” Andrew added, citing Katy Perry's pixie cut, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's long choppy bob, or the Duchess of Cambridge's textured curls as his favourite looks for those with round faces.

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Find the best hairstyle for your face shape

Square face shape

"If you have a square face shape, textured hairstyles are perfect for you as they can soften the look of a strong, angular jaw line," Karen Thomson, owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa told Cover Media. "Long hair is particularly great on square faces, whether it be straight and sleek, curls or some messy waves, these long styles will draw the attention away from the edges of the jaw and will bring the attention up to some of the other facial features. If you want to opt for a fringe, go for a side-swept one with some length and avoid blunt bangs that will make your face appear wider." If you're looking to get a bob and have a square face, it's important to avoid anything that looks too "boxy", Karen added. "Square face shapes should also try to avoid hairstyles where the hair is pulled back, like a slicked back ponytail. This look highlights angular features and makes them appear harsher."

Heart face shape

"Longer, soft fringes suit heart shaped faces perfectly as they draw the focus away from your chin," Philip Bell, artistic director at ISHOKA Hair and Beauty, told Cover Media. "Having your fringe cut in vertically rather than straight across will allow you to sweep your fringe to the side, and you will be able to keep it a bit longer without it falling into your eyes. Sleek crops also suit heart-shaped faces, though this style is definitely not for the faint-hearted." Philip also advises avoiding blunt bob hairstyles, heavy blunt fringes or fringes that are cut too high on the forehead "as this can cause the bottom half of your face to appear smaller".

Diamond face shape

"For diamond face shapes, they should try to go for hairstyles that balance out the narrow chin and shorten the length of the face," Michelle Paterson, hair manager at Pouts & Pinups, advised. "Chin-length bobs are great for softening the edges of the face and can take away the 'boxy' look that diamond faces can have. Deep side partings are another great idea for those with diamond face shapes as they put a focus on one side of the face, rather than the width of the whole face." When it comes to what to avoid for this face shape, Michelle added: "Middle partings or hairstyles with lots of height at the top of the head should be avoided on diamond face shapes, as these will only add length to the face."

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