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Four ultra-cool, alternative beach hairstyles to try

We bring you four easy-to-do hairstyles that are perfect for long, lazy days at the beach...

July 6, 2017
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When you hear the words 'beach hair', it's hard not to think of wavy tresses blowing in the wind. But this isn't the only style which you can rock on the sand, and there's plenty more 'dos which are both practical and eye-catching...

Double bun

If you struggle to keep all your hair up in one bun, why not try two? Simply split your tresses down the middle at the back of your head and tie both sections into relatively tight ponytails, not too taut though as you want the finish to be relaxed. Wrap the hair around the band until you have none left to twist and fasten the ends with bobby pins or slides to secure.

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The side ponytail

As you're bouncing about on the sand and swimming in the sea, any ponytail which begins at the top of your head will slowly make its way down throughout the day. It's probably easier to tie your locks into a low ponytail at one side of your head so you can keep things in order - just make sure you have enough length to pull this one off!

Scarf style

O.K., so this is more a must-have accessory than an actual 'do, but it's great to keep the hair out of your face while the wind blows. Simply find a brightly coloured scarf that will stand out in the sunlight, place it under your hair and use two ends to tie into a knot/bow at the top of your head. Alternatively, you could seek out a chunky hair band to keep strands from getting into your eyes, or something sparkly will certainly turn heads!

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The wet look

We're not talking about sea water here – use products to give your hair a wet finish that will work both on the beach and at the bar afterwards. Don't duck your head into the ocean whatever you do as it'll only ruin this perfectly-styled damp finish! You need to start with slightly wet hair, so do this when you step out the shower before you leave the house and run a product like Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam through your tresses to give structured, wet-look results.

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