Jennifer Aniston's hair looks INCREDIBLE - and it's styled using a £3.70 product!

In another instalment of #AlexApproved, our beauty influencer Alex Light reveals who gets her seal of approval. This week it's all about Jennifer Aniston and her perennially gorgeous hair. Over to you, Alex...

As the owner of around 100 strands of hair, I regularly find myself staring in envy at women with thick hair. I have four sisters and they, along with my mum, have MANES of hair – so much that they actually find it difficult to manage. WTH?? What went wrong please and why?

Anyway, another woman whose hair I have always envied is Jennifer Aniston. Little me used to gaze in awe at the TV every Friday night when a new episode of Friends was on and I got to watch 'The Rachel' in action. It was only a matter of time before I joined the legions of other girls marching into salons with printed-off pictures of the star in the hopes of recreating the look. Alas, my hair was not made for 'The Rachel' and the layers only made my thin, lank hair look, well, thinner and lanker.

I digress. The point I'm trying to make is that Jennifer's hair is amazing. It never fails to look healthy, shiny and sunkissed, and that's all down to her longtime hairdresser Chris McMillan. He's the man behind Jen's iconic 90s style and he remains her trusted stylist to this day.

He regularly shares his tips and tricks with us on his Instagram account and most recently, he posted a snap of Jennifer on a magazine shoot sporting beautiful, beachy waves that almost bring tears to my eyes. Alongside the snap, he shared a breakdown of his process and the products he used to create the look.

The best bit? His hero product only costs £3.70! "A dab of Murray's pomade to help define these waves," he wrote, referring to Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade, £3.70, a waxy formula that adds shape, control and definition.

Another budget-friendly product he used is Sebastien Professional Whipped Crème, £15.99, a conditioning mousse that adds bounce to curly and wavy styles.

The last product he mentions, however, probably will break the bank – the infamous Dyson hairdryer, which retails at £329.99. But hey, it's Jennifer Aniston - it's because she's worth it.