World's biggest detox: Doing the Jason Vale master juice diet

Having gained, as one does during the festive period, a few pounds, I was delighted to be approached about doing a week-long juice detox by Jason Vale, the brainchild behind the enormously successful Juice Master diet that celebrities including Katie Price swear by.

But while I was excited to throw myself into the detox, I was also sceptical about my willpower. The thought of consuming nothing but juice for seven days seemed very daunting as it got to Sunday evening… Would I be able to do it? Would I even be able to start?!


Turns out, to my surprise as much as to my boyfriend and parents', that I would. The week started off well. Initially I was unsure about the green colour of juices that contained broccoli and spinach, but they were absolutely delicious. All of them – I had no problem whatsoever finishing them off, especially lovely apple and gingers juices with fresh mint.

And I was surprised at how easy it was to create the juices. I did, however, have the help of a high-tech, super quick and stylish Philips Avance juicer, which basically did the work for me – apples, a key ingredient of nearly all the juices, do not even need to be peeled. I also had the help of a lovely PR firm who very generously supplied me with a mountain of fruit and veg.

Towards the end did, however, the detox became quite difficult. Despite not actually feeling hungry, or having hunger pains, I found myself really craving bread and a warm, home-cooked meal but reassured myself with the thought that food wasn't far from my reach.



Not being able to drink tea in work – I can't stomach herbal teas – was also really difficult. With colleagues sipping away from big mugs left, right and centre, I struggled to stay on the wagon.

But negatives aside, I am delighted to manage to stick out the detox. The seven days up, I was delighted to hop onto the scales and see I had lost six pounds. I also feel lighter, far more energetic and friends have even said, much to my delight, that I look radiant!

While I won't be jumping at the chance to give it another go until I need to drop some weight – and fast – I would definitely recommend for anyone that has a few pounds to shed or simply wants to give their digestive systems a good cleanout.


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