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5 impressive health benefits from a vegan diet

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Veganuary has swept the nation this new year, with many health and fitness fans switching to a vegan lifestyle to kickstart 2017 the healthy way. It can seem somewhat daunting to make the change to this plant-based diet, but it does come with some great health benefits. Naturopathic nutritionist Amy Morris shares her top 5 reasons for going vegan exclusively with HELLO! Online, whether you're trying out veganism or following a long-term regime...

vegan diet

Amy Morris shares her top 5 reasons for going vegan with HELLO! Online

It could help you sleep like a baby

It certainly a possibility when you consume more sleep-inducing nutrients like magnesium, vitamin B6 and calcium! When a person decides to follow a vegan lifestyle, the consumption of plant-based foods naturally increases. With it, so do nutrients many of us are deficient in including many minerals like magnesium and calcium, and many of the B vitamins.

It can reduce inflammation

Many chronic day illnesses have a root cause in common – inflammation. Many people respond well to a diet that is low in inflammatory agents and have eased their aches and pains associated with inflammation by switching to a plant-based diet. Meat-based diets can be challenging as animal protein is very acidic and highly inflammatory whereas even acidic plant-based foods are much less, the majority being alkalizing - Field of Greens is a gentle and easy way to start including more plant-based nutrients into your life.

benefits of veganism

A vegan diet could help you sleep better

It could improve digestion and nutrient absorption

Through taking care of your gut, you enhance your body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients as a result. The more challenged your digestive tract is, the less chance you stand of accessing the health building nutrients you need to thrive. Meat typically sits in our digestive system for several days, whereas most plant-based foods take typically only 6-8 hours to digest, making your digestive tract happier. When increasing fibre rich foods, be sure to increase your water consumption too to avoid constipation. Always ensure you choose the purest water available that is as free from as many contaminants as possible.

It could increase your lifespan

Metabolic health refers to how well every cell in our body performs, and so the better they perform, the better we age (or technically the longer we should live). A study carried out in 2013 has suggested that due to the high consumption and variety of quality nutrients typically in a vegan diet, eating in this way could improve longevity.

It could boost an underactive Thyroid

It is reported that 1 in 7 people suffer with hypoactive/underactive thyroid disorder globally, and reports could be in fact far higher given that the general testing offered for the disease is either not offered to patients whatsoever or not comprehensive enough when it is. If you have been diagnosed, a vegan diet has consistently shown positive results for improving an underactive thyroid, even when the research teams adjusted for other health factors that have also been known to cause hypothyroidism.

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