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Woman reveals the truth behind her enviable bikini Instagram shot

Anna Victoria
Chloe Best
Chloe BestLifestyle Features Editor
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Social media star and personal trainer Anna Victoria has attracted over one million Instagram followers thanks to her inspirational posts showing off the results of her dedicated fitness routine.

However she has earned even more praise after showing her followers that even though she has an enviably toned figure, she is actually more "normal" than her images typically show.

Posting a side-by-side comparison of her body when she is standing compared to sitting on the sofa, Anna explained how the images we see on social media can often be deceptive.

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Anna Victoria has been praised for sharing this honest post

"Me 1% of the time vs. 99% of the time. And I love both photos equally. Good or bad angles don't change your worth," she captioned the photo, explaining why she had decided to share it.

"I recently came across an article about how one woman stated she refuses to accept her flaws, because she doesn't see them as flaws at all. I LOVED that because it sends such a powerful message that our belly rolls, cellulite, stretch marks are nothing to apologise for, to be ashamed of, or to be obsessed with getting rid of!"

Anna continued to say that although she has noticed that she has started to develop cellulite and stretch marks, she welcomes them rather than trying to get rid of them.

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The personal trainer has over one million Instagram followers

"How can I be mad at my body for perfectly normal 'flaws?'" she wrote. "This body is strong, can run miles, can lift and squat and push and pull weight around, and it's happy not just because of how it looks, but because of when it feels."

She concluded: "So when you approach your journey, I want you to remember these things: I will not punish my body I will fuel it I will challenge it AND I will love it."

Unsurprisingly Anna's post proved incredibly popular, attracting over 300,000 likes and thousands of comments from people thanking her for being so honest.

One commented: "Definitely needed to see something like this! Thank you so much." Another wrote: "Love love love this!! You are amazing and an inspiration for all of us."

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