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Mama June's amazing weight loss: Find out why the star decided to lose weight

mama june
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Honey Boo Boo star Mama June looks virtually unrecognisable after having lost an incredible amount of weight going from 460lbs to a size four. The 37-year-old has now revealed that she made the decision to lose the weight after she was invited to her ex-boyfriend's wedding. In a clip from her new reality show Mama June: From Not to Hot, her niece Amber says: "I think you should go to this wedding and be drop dead gorgeous. Do the revenge diet, it’s the next biggest thing in Hollywood. You wear a nice tight dress and go and show him what he's missing."

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mama june 2013© Photo: Getty Images

Mama June will reveal her weight loss on her upcoming reality show

Speaking about her ex, Mama June said: "I don't want Sugar back, but I want him to see how hot I can be. And also show him that I’m not gonna sulk and think about him. I’m better than him." Honey Boo Boo agrees, saying: "You have to get your revenge on him, like he’s like, 'I wish I had her'." Mama June's daughter Pumpkin has opened up about how her mum lost the incredible amount of weight, telling Entertainment Tonight: "She had a gastric sleeve back in May of 2015, and then she slowly started losing weight. And the reason she got the gastric band is because she hit a plateau – she couldn't lose any weight. And then it came to a point where [her trainer] had to step in because she hit another plateau with the gastric sleeve, and wasn't losing any more weight."

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She also chatted about how difficult it has been to hide her transformation so it can be revealed on the reality show: "It's very hard because Mama, she is a very stubborn person and she wants to do everything," Pumpkin admitted. "She's like, 'Alright, I've got to go to the store,' and we're like, 'Mama, no. You need to stay in the house because if somebody gets a picture with you'… Even if she does go out, she has to be, like, suited up."

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